History of Jadon Rajput  Estates   in Dholpur district of Rajasthan—–

Karauli Jadon claim (Raja Dharmpal , son of Raja Tahan Pal of Tahangarh ) to have built a fort at Dholpur in A.D.1120when he was expelled by his elder brother Haripala from Tahangarh  and the clan may have had no permanent territory sofareast.

Jadon Rajput have considered possessions in Dholpur in which State own 49 villages .They have some families also in Dungarpur.In Dholpur ,there were the estate of Sirmathura, Rijhoni ,and Bilowni.

Sirmathura Estate—Sirmathura ,is an independent fief of Karauli ,held by a junior branch.The estate of Sirmathura was held by the descendants of Mukat Rao ,a Jadon clan of Karauli State.

The Rao of Sir Mathura and Jhiri is a branch of the Karauli family ,and recognizes the maharaja as head of the house ,through the whole of his estate has ,after a prolonged investigation ,been decided to be in Dholpur territory.

Rao Madan Singh, the Rao of Sir Mathura, occupies the first position in the estate,he is a Karauli jadon descended from Mukut Rao, second son of Raja Gopal das of Karauli ,Rao Mukut Rao settled in Sir Mathura in A.D.1570.

The Rao Madan Singh is 15th in decent from  Mukut Rao  .The taluka of Sir Mathura is situated in the expreme South-west portion of the estate. it comprises 32 villages , with an area of 175 square miles  of which one-fifth only is culturable ,the rest is a waste of rocks and ravines .
The rao is allowed to manage his own estate under the general control of the Dholpur darbar, to which he pays an annual quite rent of Rs. 20000 , with a  fine on investiture of a new Rao of Rs.1000. in 1828,Rao Madan Singh and again in 1850,  his son Rao baldeo  Singh , to carry out their obligations to the  Dholpur Darbar , on each occasion they were , after a stub  born on fight, reduced submission by taoops sent from darbar.
The relations  of Rao  Manohar Singh with Dadar satisfactory.Sirmathura ,which pay a quite-rent to the Dholpur State ,but is independent of the state as far as administration is concerned.The thakur lived in his fort on their own lands.They managed their own dominions with title interference ,imparted justice and collected their taxes.The present Rao of Sirmathura estate is Rao Narendra Singh Ji.

Rijhouni and Bilouni Estates—

The estates of Rijhauni and Bilauni were held by the Jadons of Sirmathura family.Thakur Dalel Singh of Rijouni and Thakur Durjan Singh and Zalim Singh ,zamindars of Bilouni both near Sirmathura border .All belongs basically Sirmathura jadon family.The first Rijhouni pays the state a head -rent of Rs.1660, .Difficulties have also from time to time arisen between these Thakurs and the Darbar on account of their contumacy.Both requestrated , since 1863 ,however they have given no trouble.
1-Taluquas Sirmathura -consisting 32 villages.
2-Rijhauni estate consisting 7villages.
3-Bilauni estate consisting 9villages.

The Rao of Sirmathura and the Thakur of Rijhouni holds their 39villages from the Rans at a quite -rent .The state has not renounced it’s right to enhance the tanka or quite-rent collected from them ,but practically it is not enhanced as long as the taluqdars adhere to their agreement with Dholpur Darbar.All the villages of these taluquas are hold from thetaluqudars in zamindari “Gol “tenure .The land is not divided among several owners.


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Author–Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh.
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Sahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt .College ,Sawaimadhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001.

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