History of Jadon Kshatriya’s of Palpur , Bijaipur and other Jadon villages , Palpur& Bijaipur Fortress , in Sheopur district of Madhaya Pradesh——-

History of Jadon Kshatriya’s  of Palpur , Bijaipur and other Jadon villages , Palpur& Bijaipur Fortress ,  in Sheopur district of Madhaya Pradesh——-

Jadon kshatriya’s Villages in Sheopur District-

1-Paancho ,2-Maitoni ,3-Veerpur ,4-Palpur ,5-Bijaipur ,6-Silpri ,7-Nitinvas ,8-Jamoora ,9-Danda ,10-Bade Ganv .11-Harkuai .

History of These Jason’s villages Ancestors

Jadon kshatriyas of these villages are direct descendants of Raja Dwarika Das son of Raja Gopal Das ) of Karauli.He succeeded Sambat 1626 .In this line most jadons of these villages are called Bali ke Jadon because they are direct descendants of Bali Bahadur son of raja Dwarika das .Bali Bahadur first settled in village Paancho and Veerpur .He has three sons namely ,1- Rupnarayan Singh ,2-Gyan Singh and 3-Todarmal . Rupnarayan Singh has four sons ,A-Jorawar Singh ,B-Virjor Singh , C-Kishan Singh and D-Hathi Rao.
1-Rup Narayan Singh’s descendants —-
A-Jorawar Singh has two sons namely Padam Singh who’s descents are found in Paancho village and second son Beerval Singh who’s descents are present in village Beerpur.
B-Virjor Singh’s descendants are presently found in Maitoni , Palpur , Danda , Jamura ,and Seelpari also .
C-Hathi Rao descendants are live in village Sarda .
2-Thakur Todaramal descendants are live in present time in the village Nitinvas.
3 -Thakur Gyan Singh has one son Nawal Singh who’s elder son Samant Singh’s   descendants are found in village Harkuai and younger son Inder Singh’s descendants are live in Bade Ganv.

Bijaipur family history —

The Jadon of Bijaipur village are the direct descents of Tursam Bahadur ,who obtained Bahadurpur , Sabalgarh and Bijaipur .His descendants are called the Bahadur -ke Jadon.Thakur Harday Narayan Singh was the son of Tursam Bahadur who’s son Kushal Bahadur’s descendants were found in Bijaipur and Manrayal .

Palpur is situated at 195 KM distance from Sheopur town . Palpur fortress is situated on the left bank of Kuno river .Massive bastions are built for security of the fortress . Kuon river is the natural safety of the fortress.A place ,a temple and Kachahari still exist inside the fortress ,which can be more attractive for visitors.

Bijaipur Fortress–

Bijaipur fortess is situated on the Kunwari river in Sheopur district of madhya Pradesh now .It is away 140 KM from Sheopur city and near about 100 KM away from both Shivpuri and Gwalior  . Rajasthani culture dominates Sabalgarh as well as  Bijaipur .Beside Sabalgarh ,Karauli raja had jurisdiction over Bijapur and Jora also .This family continued to hold this Sabalgarh region til the last decade of the 18t century (most probably 1795 A.D. ) When it fall a pay to the Marathas . In 1795 A.D. Maratha forces under Lakhwa Dada attacked Bijaipur after submission of Sabalgarh fort and it was also captured or laid siege to Bijaipur (south of Sabalgarh )  and place in charge o
f Ambaji Ingale .In 1806 ,Daulat Rao Sindhiya imprisoned Ambaji and demanded these(sabalgarh and adjoining area) but he refuge ,later on he surrendered a few places in the territory to the raja of Karauli .Bijaipur was also wrested by Sindhiya’s force from the raja of Karauli ,therefore became part of his dominions .

Fortress Palpur —

The  imposing fortress of Sabalgarh , Sumawali , Palpur and Vijaypur were built by the rulers of  Sabalgarh , who were Jadon Kshatriya’s of Karauli .Most probably these fortresses were founded or built in the beginning of 18th century A.D.by Raja Gopal Singh of Karauli.Later on Palpur was taken from Dhandheles ,who were under Karauli Raja .
The Palpur fortress has two entrance gates .The first gate is ordinary but the two -storeyed second gate is important from security guards on the second story.The fortress is secured by a high rampart .A circular bastion on one side of the first entrance gate .There is a room for security personnel inside the bastions .Thakur Jagmohan Singh was last ruler of Palpur thikana who has since shifted to Gwalior .

Ram Janki temple in Palpur fortress —

The flat -roofed rectangular building is built on a high plateform to the left inside Palpur fort.The east facing temple has three orched gates and bracketed  Chhajjas for decoration .Although it is not in the shape of a temple .The Jadaun rulers of Palpur thikana used to worship here.

Kachahari in Palpur fortress—

Inside the fortress , there exists a rectangular building to the right .It might have been a two storeyed structure but now only one storey survives.It is said that rulers of Palpur used to hold this court in this building .The Kachahari has a verandah with round pillars having half circular arches and bracketed Chhajja for security .A high plateform is raised in front of the Kachahari .The subjects of the rulers used to sit on this plateform.

Place Palpur —-

The Parlour place of Rajput style was built by Kshatriya’s of Jadon dynasty which were originally the rulers of Karauli in Rajputana .The two storeyed place has orched gates in the front and a courty surrounded by a high boundary wall.The place is decorated with stone Kanguras and is worth a visit .

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Author–Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village–Larhota near Sasni
District -Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001.

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