A Historical Research account of Lunar race Yaduvanshi Jadeja rajputs of Kutch and Halar —

A Historical Research account of Lunar Race  Yaduvanshi Jadeja Rajputs of Kutch and Halar –

Ancient History—

In the Yadav family, fifty-four degrees removed from Shri Adya Narayan (the primeval Lord), there flourished the celebrated Shri Krishna, believed to be the incarnation of God Vishnu. He established himself in Dwarka, where even up to the present day his image is worshipped as God. He had a son, named Samba, by his wife, Jambuvanti, who married Rama, the daughter of Kaubhand, prime minister to Banasur, the king of Shonitpur in Egypt. He had a son by this wife, named Ushnik. When the Yadavas destroyed themselves Ushnik was in Shonitpur and thus escaped destruction. Banasur was after his death succeeded by Kaubhand and after his death Ushnik ascended the throne of Shonitpur. Devendra flourished in his line, 79th degree removed from him. He had four sons Aspat (Ugrasen) Gajpat, Narpat, and Bhupat. Of these Aspat embraced Mahomedanism; the descendants of Gajpat, esta- blished a large kingdom in Sorath and came to be known by the name of Chudasama after his son, Chud Chandra. Bhupat seized upon certain tracts in Marwad and became the founder of the Bhatti dynasty. The rulers of Jesalmere are his descendants. Narpat, his third son, assumed the title of Jam, having killed Feroze Shah, the ruling sovereign of Ghazni, and usurped his throne.

Mediaeval History—

The earlier  history of th Jadejas coincides with that of the Chudasamas, for both together with the Bhatis  of Jesalmer in Rajputana are descended from Narpat, Chief of the Samas of Nagar Thatha in Sind. After the departure of the Chudasamas to Saurashtra in the latter part of the ninth century, the Jadeja branch of the family remained in Sind, subsequently at various times invading the peninsula, directing their attacks in every case against the Jethwas. In the middle of the thirteenth century Lakha Ghurara was ruler of the tribe under the title of Jam. Of his eight sons the eldest, Jam Unad, succeeded his father, but was afterwards killed by his brothers Muda and Manai, who, fleeing with two other brothers, Sandha and Phula, to Kachh, drove out the tribes there and established their own rule. In about A.D. 1313, during one of their incur sions, they conquered and destroyed Ghumli, causing the Jethwas to move south to Chhaya; but they did not remain in Saurashtra and returned to Kachh. Subsequently, in about A.D. 1535, they again invaded the province under Jam Rawal Hala, who had been driven out of Kachh after murdering Hamirji, the ruling chief.

Jam Rawal settled in A.D. 1540 at Nagnah Bandar (Nawanagar) and consolidated his rule in what was known as “Halawad.” This has since assumed its present form of “Halar,” by which the North-West portion of Saurashtra is known. The name “Halawad” was given to Jam Rawal’s dominions on account of his descent from Jam Hala, and of himself being known as “Halani.” Subsequently other branches of the Jadeja family became established round about Nawanagar terri tory. Dhrol was captured from Dhama Chaora by Hardholji, brother of Jam Rawal, some time between A.D. 1540 and 1560. In A.D. 1697 Jam Pragmalji of Kachh murdered his brother Revaji, and then placed the latter’s son Kanyoji in command at Morvi (or Morbi), where his descendants still rule. Rajkot came under the Jadejas in the latter part of the sixteenth century, when Vibhoji, third son of Jam Sataji, conquered it with the aid of his father. Gondal is also in possession of the Jadejas, the State having been founded by Jadeja Kum bhoji in A.D. 1634. He afterwards obtained possession of the towns of Dhoraji, Upleta, and Bhayawadar, built forts, and established himself firmly.

Scarcely were the Jadejas settled in the Northern parts of Saurashtra when Diu again became the scene of much fighting. In A.D. 1538 a Turkish fleet under Suleman Pasha having captured Aden sailed to Diu and blockaded it. Mahomed Khan III, seeing in this an excellent opportunity for ousting the Portugese, marched with a strong force to assist the Turks, and besieged the fort of Diu from the land side. The beleagured garrison under Dom Antonio da Silveira fought gallantly, and succeeded in informing the Viceroy at Goa of their plight. After a siege lasting many months reinforcements in small boats successfully evaded the blockading fleet, and this timely aid saved the garrison from annihilation, and Portugal from the loss of one of her most prized posses

The Genealogy of Jadejas of Kutch and Halar —

Samb descendant Devendra had four sons, Ugrasena , Narpat ,Bhupat and Gajpat.
In Narpat line name of following rulers had been mentioned as followes —
1-Narpat –2-Sama (Kalubaa Makwani )–3-Jeha (who married a Parmar )–4-Neta (who married a Rathod )—5-Notiyar (who married a Chawadi )–6-Udharbad (who married a Sodhi )–7-Udha (who married a Gohel )–8-Rahu (who married a Chawadi )–9-Udhar–10-Abda (who married a Chawadi )–11-Lakhiyar Bad ( who married a Sodhi of Nagar Thatha in Sindh ) –12-Lakho Ghurao (Living about A.D.1250 ).

12-Lakho Ghurao son of Lakhiar Bad was the first one to do that .He married two wives , one from Guhilot family and other from Chavda family.There were four sons by each marriage.so Lakho Ghurao had eight sons ,1- Unnad , 2-Manai , 3-Munda(Mod) ,4-Atho , 5-Veryar , 6-Sandha ,7-Lakho and 8-Phula.

When Lakho Ghurao died , his elder son Unnad took over (from Guhilot side ) slain by his brother Munda and Monai who with Sandha and Phula fled to Kutch .In this line Jam Tamachi and after this Jam Sandha .He had two sons 1-Jada (Jado) (from who the Jadeja take their name ) and 2-Virji .Virji had two sons namely Lakha (the adopted son of Jada living about A.D.1350 and another son Lakhiyar.Both are twin brother.
In Munda (Mod) line , his son was Sura , about 1296 A.D . Sura’s son was Phula in about A.D.1306.He had two sons , 1-Lakha Phulani living about A.D.1320 and 2-Goda.Goda had a son Punvaro (Raji) who died in A.D.1344 .His widow wife invited by Lakha to Sindh .
Lakha Phulani is supposed to have completed the conquest of Kutch in A.D.1320.He was succeeded by his nephew Punvaro , and on Punvaro’s death his  widow wife sent to Sindh for Lakha the son of Jada.From this time the Sammas called themselves Jadejas.
Lakha son of Jada living in about A.D.1350 line —
Lakha had a son Rayadhan (about A.D.1365).

Rayadhan had four sons .
1-Deda of Kanthkot from whom descended Dadar of Wagard.
2-Athoji living about A.D.1385.

Athoji descendants—
Athoji son was Gahoji (about A.D.1405 )–Vehanji (about A.D 1430)–Mulvagi (about A.D.1450)–Kanyoji (about A.D.1470)–Amarji (aboutA.D.1470)–Bhimji (about A.D.1510 ) –Hamirji (murdered about A.D.1535by Raval Hala ).
Hamirji had 2 sons, 1-Aliyaji and 2-Rao  Khengar of Katchh who founded Bhuj in A.D.1548 and driven out Jam Raval from Kutch).He has one son Rao Bharmal (A.D.1585). Rao Bharmal had two sons ,1-Rao Bhojraj and Megha .Megha had two sons also namely 1-Rao Khengar II (A.D.1644) and 2-Rao Tamachi (A.D.1654).Rao Tamachi had a son Rao Rayadhan II (A .D.1662).He had 3 sons .
A-Rewaji .He also had a son Kanyaji placed by Rao Pragmal ji at Morvi at A.D.1697 and founded the Morvi State , died A.D.1733.
B-Nagalji founded Abdasa .
C-Rao Pragmal ji A.D .1697 and died 1715 ,had a son Rao Godji 1715.
Rao Godji line was as follows –Rao Deshalji 1718–Rao Lakhapat 1741–Rao Godji II 1760–Rao Rayadhan III 1778–Rao Bharmalji II 1813 –Rao Deshalji II 1819–Rao Sir Pragmalji G.C.S.I born A.D.1839–Rao Sir Khengarji G.C.I.E.of Kutchh A.D.1876.
Gajan son of Rayadhan A.D.1365 line —
Gajan had a son Hala (the ancestors of the Halar )--Rayadhan–Kubera –Hardhol –Harpal –Unad –Tamachi –Harbham –Hardhal–Lakha .
Lakha had four sons.
1-Jam Rawal of Navanagar who murdered Hamirji and was driven out of Kutchh in A.D.1540-62.
2-Hardholji who founded Dhrol state.
3-Ranoji of Khanbalid .
4-Modji of Khandera.

1-Jam Raval of Navanagar descendants– Jam Raval had three sons.
A-Jiyoji , killed by a fall from his horse ,had a son Lakho of Khibs.
B-Bharoji of Jambuda.
C-Jam Vibhoji A.D.1562-69.He has four sons ,1-Jam Satarsal or Sataji A.D.1569-1608., 2-Bhanji of Kharedi ,3-Ranmalji of Sisang and 4-Veraji of Hadiana .
1-Jam Satarsal or Sataji had three sons .
A-Ajoji , killed at Buchar Morvi ,A.D.1591 .
B-Jam Jasaji A.D.1608-1624.
C-Vibhoji , who founded Rajkot state .Vibhoji had a son Kumbhoji ,who founded Gondal state.He had two sons ,1-Sangramji A.D.1640-1714 and 2-Sangoji , the founder of Kotda- Sangani.

Ajoji killed at Buchar Morvi A.D.1591 descendants —

Ajoji had a son Jam Lakhoji A.D.1624-1645.He had seven sons .
1-Jam Ranmalji A.D.1645-1661.
2-Jam Raisingji A.D.1661-1664.
3-Jasoji of Amran and Dhrafa.
4-Harbhamji of Mokhana .
5-Karanji of Bed.
6-Sataji of Kotda .
2-Jam Raisingji A.D.1661-1664 had two sons .
A-Jam Tamachi ,A.D.1673-1690.

B-Palji of Bhanwad.He had a son Jasaji –Ranmalji –Meghraj ji–Desalji –Jasaji . Jasaji had two sons 1-Ranmalji (adopted as Jam A.D.1820) and 2-Radhubhai .He had Salam singhi –Jiwansingji –Ranjitsingji (adopted as Jam A.D.1906 by Jam Jaswant singh of Jam Tamachi line ).

A-Jam Tamachi Line–

Jam Tamachi had a son Jam Lakhaji A.D.1690-1709.He had two sons , 1-Jam Raisingji II A.D.1709-1718 and 2-Jam Hardholji A.D.1718-1727.He had a son Jam Tamachi A.D.1727-1748.He had a son Jam Lakhaji (adopted ) A.D.1768 .He had two sons ,A-Jam Jasaji A.D.1768-1814.and B-Jam Sataji A.D.1814-1820.He had a son Jam Ranmalji (adopted ) A.D.1820-1852.He had Jam Vibhoji K.C.S.I., A.D.1852-1895.He had Jam Jaswant singhji , A.D.1895-1906 .He had Jam Ranjit Singhji of Navanagar adopted A.D.1906.


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Author- Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh
Associate Prof in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College ,Sawai madhopur ‘Rajasthan ,322001.

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