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After the attack of Mahmud Gazani in 1018 A.D on Mahavan (Mathura) ,the origin home of Jadon clan is the Bayana city in present Bharatpur district.Maharaja Bijaipala (Founder of Karauli Jadon Family ) ,who appears to be the first of the line likely to prove an historical character .He came from Mathura to the hill Mani ,where in Sambat 1052 (A.D.995 ) he settled in Bayana and built a fort ,under the protecting shadow of which the well -known town of Bayana , now in Bharatpur district.His descendants were driven out by Muhammad Ghori , and Kutb-ud-din Aibak who took first Bayana and then Tahangarh in 1196 A.D .

In this period the Yaduvanshi Rajputs of Bayana and Tahangarh having been deprived of their strongholds and territories , had migrated to the region of Mewat and other parts around Braja Mandal and Bundelkhand Regions. Some Jadons had established themselves at Kaman , Tijara and Sarhatta (northern Alwar ) .Later on they becomes muslim accept Islam and known as Khanzadas and Meos.Some jadon families have been migrated from Bayana /Timangarh region and settled in different parts of Madhya Bharat Pradesh.famous clan to the Lunar race .

History of Jadons–

A clan which claim descent and their name from Yadu , son of maharaja Yayati , the fifth monarch of the Lunar dynasty .Lord Shri Krishna was the tribal hero.
From the legends of the clan it would appear that the first of Jadon settlement was Mathura at the time of raja Ugrasen and Vasudeva also.At the time of Krishna , the clan was migrated from Mathura to Dwaraka and settled there.After the death of Shri Krishna ,the some branches of Jaduvansis were driven out of India ,founded Ghazni in Afaganistan , and ruled over the whole of that country and portion of Central Asia , as far north as Samarkand .The pressure of Graeco Bactrian and Muhammadans invasion forced them back into Punjab , and at a later period they were across the Satlej into Bikaner desert , where they established themselves at Jaisalmer.They are called Bhatti also found in Punjab.
Another branch of Jadus settled first in Indraprasth by Arjuna from Dwaraka and again re-settled in Mathura in the leadership of Vajranabha great grandson of Lord Shri Krishna .Laterally this branch is called the Jadavas ,Jadons in which Karauli family is presently main.
A large number of the Musalmans of eastern Rajputana are of Jadons descent , and are known locally as Khanzadas or Meos .
In Uttar Pradesh where the Jadons have numerous settlements . The Jadon tribe is one of the most important clan in 36 Royal Races of Rajputs

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