COA of Karauli Jadavas /Yaduvansi/Jadon Royals…

COA of Karauli Jadavas /Yaduvansi/Jadon Royals…

This COA was made as royal representation/symbol just before Dilli Darbar 1911. British designers visited each n every Gun salute state and in consultation with erstwhile royals and their experts , they designed the COA which was duly approved by British Authorities.
The symbols shown in this COA represents certain history and symbols. For eg.
1- Tiger is included for supreme Power in the forest.
2- Sheep is in support of a myth in which sheep saved a lone yaduvanshi infant by feeding him.
3- quotation shows Sh.Madan Mohan ji as main diety.
4- Cow represents Lord Krishna’s vow to save n rear cows
5-Moon is symbol of being head of Lunar race/Chandra Vanshi
6- Drum represents famous victory of Devgiri and Authorization to Raja Gopal Das Ji by Akbar, its name is Ranjit Nakkara
7- Crown and Dome represents for Head of a clan and independant state
8- Deer is Vahan of Chandrama, and Karauli Royal head being Chandravanshi, deer is placed on top.
9- in the bottom , there are Kalash/Shrifal(Nariyal) placed on both side of Tag line, sacred symbols of Sanatan Dharma.

It is important to mention that a chair was also designed with the embossed design of this COA for Maharaja saheb to be seated during Dilli Darbar, and this chair still there in Maharaja Saheb’s collection.

The COA/Crest/Emblem tradition is from Europe , initiated by princes and warriors right from 12th century and there it is well understood that these are used by particular royals, their successor and family only.
By… Rao Shiv 01 Dec 2017

(This image is not original, lacks many features, consider it just for an idea)

Author-Rao Shivraj Pal ji
Thikana -Inayti ,Karauli

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