Historical Research on Jadon Kshatriyas fort Tochhigarh in Iglas tahsil of Aligarh District–

Historical Research on Jadon Kshatriya’s Fort  Touchhigarh in Iglas tahsil of Aligarh district —

Back History of  Jadons of Tochhigarh-

The Jadon rajputs ,who claim descent from an old ruling house of Bayana –Timangarh, held it so far .The occupants of the Tochhigarh fort were the Kuderiya jadon ,whose ancestors migrated from the old Jadon kingdom of Bayana –Timangarh , when as a result of disunity amidst the jadon ruling family ,the kingdom was   over run by the first Muslim invarders of the country  in the year 1196 A.D , including Muhammad Gori and his commander Qutb-ud-din Aibak ,and quite a lot of Jadon princes were forced to migrate in all directions .

Founder and Foundation of Tochhigarh Fort

One such person was Tuchha Pal , who built a  fortress at Tochhi , situated in Iglas pargana of Aligarh  district. Tochhigarh was perhaps known as only Tochhi, for as late as 1873 , the place is written as Tochhi in the Misl Bandobast for the year .The Garh was perhaps added after wards .Beyond dout there was a village  inhabited earlier than the construction of the fort by Jadon prince Tuchha Pal .The two historical place Mathura in the southwest and Koil in the northeast are40 and 36 Km from Tochhigarh respectively hestoricaly artifacts found at Jawa , Lakhnu and Veswan indicate the area having been the centre of Religious and Political activity . Redware human cultural habitation from ancient period of time Kushana period bricks in quite large numbers have been found in and around the Fort, its size being 18×12 inches. One of the Fakirs, whonow has made the site of the fort ,there regidants ,narrated that about 1934,the Raja’s decendants came from Jirole Hira Singh, took a circuitous tour of the fort. There were four burgs (circular bastions), the strategic high plateformsfor the defence of the palace. Big large bricks are excavated when ever there is a digging. The local Panchayt has allotted almost the entire area of the fort to people who have built houses over the mound. The mound at a time was about 60 feet hight, and the area covered should have been about 10 bigas it is said. That some of the people who while built their houses got parts of the treasures in the form of gold coins. Tochhigarh was a culturely very prosperious village since a long time. Some of the Jadauns, after being uprooted from Tochhigarh settled in a near by village Chhatarpur.   In the middle of To bhi garh village there is still a ‘Kankar Kothi ‘built and used sparingly by the Jadon Jagirdars of the villages.The village has many old temples including one Shiv mandir .

Settlement of Tuchh Pal Descendants—

Tuchha  Pal’s (founder of Tochhigarh fort ) other three brothers were Gangini Pal  ,Kankan Pal and Ganga Pal .Gagni Pal settled a village of the same name Gangini in presently Firojabad district to which belongs Vijaya Raje Sindhiya ,the former Maharani of Gwalior .She was daughter of Kuderiya Jadon thakur Mahendra Pal Singh of Gangini . Ganga Pal settled perhaps in a village of the same name Gangai in pargana Chandus in Khair tahsil of Aligarh district .As usuall the family descendants of Tuchha Pal ,the founder of the Tochhigarh fort , who now live in a large  village highly populated of jadon rajputs  named Jiroli Hira Singh in Akrabad block of Sikandra Rao tahsil in Aligarh district . Tuchha Pal came to hunt in the deep forests,which existed prior to the settlement of the fort there , and a jackal was seen by him sitting on its hunches .When he told the story to his Raj Guru , the later informed that this place is auspicious and fit to build a new fort upon which advice .Tuchha Pal built the Tochhi fort .

The relation between Jadons of Jiroli Hira Singh and Tochhigarh —

Jiroli Hira Singh is 54 kilometers from Tochhigarh, via Iglas Sasni, Bijaigarh and Akrabad .This historic incident took place 8 generations from the present .A Jadon lady named Dhoka of Jiroli Hira Singh was married to Thakur Mayaram Singh of Tochhigarh, who was an eyewitness of the massacre. Mayaram Singh lived in the fort.

Battle in between Jadon Rajputs of Tochhigarh and Nandram Jat Chief —-

In the period of the civil war which followed the death of Shahjahan, one Nandram, fourth in the descent from Makan (founder of Jat houses of Hathras, Mursan and Iglas, who appears to have come from Rajputana about the end of the 16th century and to have settled near Mursan).Nand Ram became the head of the Jat clain. He was a man of much ability and seized the opportunity to enlarge his borders and evade payment of revenue, be assisted in thi course by Porach raja of Dariyapur, while afterwards when Aurangzeb’s power was established, he made his submission and was rewarded with the revenue management of Jawar and Tochhigarh, a subsequent grant conferring on him the tiltle and office of Faujdar or head of the police administration.

Porach Raja of Mendu help Nandaram Jat in Capturing Tochhigarh fort—

The Jat Chief  Nandram in collusion with the Porach jadon rajput raja of Mendu Anirudh Singh,  attacked the fort of Tochhigarh with full force , and killed all the inmates of the jadon ruling family within the fort ,and confiscated the treasure and valuables ,and all arms and ammunition .

Tularam Singh of Tochhigarh Jadon family fught with NandaramJat  —

A senior jadon elder Tularam Singh , who tried to oppose, was captured in the north –eastern vanguard of Tochhigarh fort , and after a pitched battle was defeated and captured Tularam .Who tried to appose , was captured in the north-eastern vanguard of Tochhigarh fort, and after a pitched battle was defeated and captured.
Tularam was buried alive in a deep pit. There is at present a Pipal Tree on the site where Tularam jadaun was buried alive, and it is known as Tula Pipal.

         Dhoka lady of Jiroli Hira Singh married in Tochhigarh Jadon family escaped the massacre along with a male child alone, which with difficult ran away with the help of a buffalo and reached Jiroli Hira Singh .Dhoka had 8 brothers and they all settled her and the child in the ‘Chaupal’ a common property of all the brothers .
Descendents of this child continued to have Zamidari rights in Tochhigarh of all through the British period.The Tochhigarh fort was built by Tucchapal some 400-450 years from now, after the Muslim occupation of Bayana in 1195-96AD. The occupation of the fort by Nandram Jat and the conflict with the jats took place 8 generation before or About 300 from now, some time between1650-1695 approximately. Nandram, who dead in 1695 .He later ousted the Porch Jadon Rajput also and Mendu was ceded to Nandram’s Jagir .

The taking over the Tochhigarh fort was of very strategic importance to Nandram —

He consolidated of the territories acquired took place. He established the tradition of meeting members of the whole clan at the annual ‘Phul Dol ‘fair held annually after Holi .The most democratic norms of behavior were firmly established .It was in the center of his area of activity .The land was fertile with good irrigation available through wells .He ruled from Tochhigarh over his vast territories through his many sons .He had 14 sons of whom three settled in Tochhigarh and Churaman 8 th son of Nandaram was the head of  Tochhigarh.
So the fort of Tochhigarh was first taken away from the descendants of the Porch Jadon Rajputs of Hatharas and Mendu .After them it went into the hands of Muslims, Marathas, Jats and the British, respectively .There is an old Masjid in the fort .Remains of an indigo vat lie to the west of  the village .In 1779 A.D.Dayaram of Hatharas gained Tochhigarh  fort from Marhattas .

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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village -Larhota near Sasni
District -Hatharas ,UP.
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur , Rajasthan ,322001.

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