Historical Research on zamindar clans of Kshatriya’s of Aligarh district include Hathras in 16 to 18th century with reference to Gahlots–

Historical Research on Zamindar Clans of Kshatriyas in Aligarh district including Hathras in 16 to 19 th century with reference to Gahlots —-

An important effect of the Musalman invasion was the movement it induced among the Rajputs od western India.Displaced from their original homes they wandered eastwards in small bodies and different times ,and many such colonies were established in the Doab .The Dors were almost exterminated by the invading armies and the Badgujars were much weakened , though they appear at all times to have successfully maintained a conciliatory policy towards their Musalman overlords .Elsewhere the fighting races seem to have vanished , and their places were taken by the Chauhans , who occupied the north and west , being led thither by the descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan , the Jadons in the south and scattered colonies of the Gahlots , Pundirs ,Porach and many other clans .
The presence of Musalman Garrison’s at Koil ,Jalali and elsewhere prevented the rise of the Rajputs to any eminence ; but in the rural tracts they seem to have remained undisturbed so long as they paid their tribute , and in the course of time they acquired considerable power within the limits of their petty sphere of influence.

The distribution of rajput is very uneven ,they are found in large numbers in Aligarh ,Sikandra Rao and Hathras tahsils ,while elsewhere the figure is small ,except in Khair ,where they are mainly confined to the eastern tracts .they are chief proprietary caste in the district ,and their occupations are almost wholly agricultural ,since as cultivators they hold a very large area ,which they till with fair success.The rajput community comprises representatives of many clans through only a few are of much importance in this district .

Kshatriya’s Clans in Aligarh and Hathras districts—

In 1833 ,the following rajput zamindar clans held possession in Aligarh district ; Jadon ,Chauhan ,Porach ,Pundir ,Gahlot ,Bhal , Jaiswar , Solanki ,Gaur ,Janghara ,Bangar ,Badgujar ,Baes,Kachhavaha ,Rathor ,Dor ,Gaurahar ,Chhonkar ,Tomar and Kirar.

Clan-wise Distribution of Kshatriyas in Aligarh and Hathras District —

The Chauhans —
The Chauhans are scattered all over the district , but are strongest in Khair ,Sikandra Rao and Aligarh , and in former days held almost the whole of the Khair ,Chandaus and Morthal par ganas.They trace their descent from the ancient rulers of Delhi , the ancestor of the Khair Chauhans being Raja Sangat , the great -grand son of Chahara Deva , the brother of Prithviraj ,one of whose numerous progeny settled in Khair.Some Chauhans especially in Sikandra Rao tahsil are descendants of Etah and Mainpuri Chauhan.Bhupal Singh of Khair was a great freedom fighter of 1857 of this clan.

The Jadons —Jadons are descendants of Lord Shri Krishna of pure ancient Yadava race and through him from Yadu of Lunar race .Their home native place is Bayana in Bharatpur district after migration from Mathura in 1017 A.D.Those -living in this district appear to have come from Jalesar pargana of Etah district and Mahaban pargana of Mathura district.Jadons found in the district everywhere , but are far stronger in tahsil Koil and in paragnas Akrabad ,Sikandra Rao ,Khair .There are also found in Gorai ,Iglas ,Hatharas ,Atrauli pargnas also in small numbers.
Some of them (jadons ) are described as Chhonkars , Jaiswars and Porach of Hatharas tahsil are said to represent a branch of the Jadon clan.
Chhonkars are found in small numbers in Atrauli tahsil.Porach are found in large numbers in Hathras and Sikandra Rao tahsils .

The Pundirs–
The Pundirs are found chiefly in the Sikandra Rao and Koil tahsils .And in the former they hold large estates , their chief families being those of Sahaoli ,Akrabad ,Nai and Bijaigarh.They come in this district from Hardware in Saharanpur district under the leadership of Raja Damar Singh , who established himself first at Gambhira (Bijaigarh ) in the Akrabad paragana .Their fort was Bijaigarh , which took it’s name from Bijai Singh brother of raja Damar Singh.Thakur Mahtab Singh and Mangal Singh were the great freedom fighters of Akrabad of this clan in 1857 mutiny .

The Badgujars —
They are strongest in Atrauli ,Sikandra Rao and Koil , in the last owning practically the whole of the Barauli pargana .

The Gahlots–The Gahlots prince of Chitr married with the sister of Prithviraj Chauhan , and it is to this connection is due the presence of Gahlots in the Upper Duab .
They are chiefly found in Hathras and Atrauli tahsils .They say that they came to assist the Chauhan prince of Delhi in his numerous wars , and reward he gave them over the lands of the Meos and the Dors .Chand Bardai mentions Gobind Rao ,Gahlot , as one of Prithiraj’s auxiliaries .The Bulandshahr Gahlot say that they settled near Dasna under Raja Khuman at an early period .

The Tomar and Jangharas —

Tomars in Hathras ,Iglas and elsewhere ,the total including the Jangharas ,who in early days held most of the Iglas tahsil and claim descent from the Tomars of Delhi.

The Panwars —
They are found in small numbers in Hathras and Sikandra Rao tahsils .

The Bhale Sultan —
The Bhale Sultan of Sasni in Hathara are another ancient clan ,connected with the Khurja family in Bulandshahr , but their present possessions are very small.

The other clans include the Dors in Koil , Solankis of the Hathras pargana , Kachhwahas of Koil ,Rathods and Gaurahars of Atrauli are also found in small numbers and having probably crossed the Ganges from Badaun district .

There are considerable number of Gahlots in Hathras and a few numbers in Atrauli tahsil of the district .In the former time of which they o Gahlots nce had a large property .This clan is divided into two great branches ,the Sisodiya and Ahariya.The branch in this district is the Sisodhiya ,which is the same as that to which the Rana of Udaipur or Mewar ,the premier Raja of Rajputana and the ‘’sun of the Hindu ,’’ belongs .They all say that they came to assist the Chauhan prince of Delhi in his numerous wars ,and that in reward he gave them over the lands of the Meos and the Dors.
The Gahlot zamindars are noticeable in the southern most part of the pargana of Hathras and in the south-east corner of Mursan .They held 18 villages in Hathras and 15 villages in Mursan during the 16th century .According to the MB ,Hansraj came here in V.S,1283 (1225 A.D) from Loni Chittorgarh and founded the village of Chursen .His descendant ,Alu Singh ,was converted to Islam during the reign of Shajahan in 1631A.D.and was named by him Alah Khan who founded the village of Alahpur .His descendants ,the neo –Muslim Gahlots ,were still to be found in the village in 1833 as zamindars.
The M.B also gives the name of the places from where the Gahlots migrated to this region ,Ahiran , migrating from Jewar ,founded the village of Ahari ,someb300 years before 1866A.D.;Dipa Singh migrated from Parsoli ,Kamalnain from Sarah , and Bishan Singh from Bisana and Thakur Mirza migrating from En founded the village of Mirzapur .The MBalso says that at Garhi Kachhvaya ,the Kachhvaya Rajput farmers are engaged in agriculture with the permission of the Gahlot chief of Mirzapur .Later on ,the Gahlots expelled them from this village .The Gahlots of this region belong to the Sisodia branch .
The A’in lists Gahlots as zamindars of mahal Jalesar .Thus South –Western part of Hathras and south-east corner of Mursan ,partly ,seems to have also been included in the A’in mahal of Jalesar .The Gahlots have been recorded as zamindars of 16 villages in Hathras and 10 villages in Mursan ,in 1833.In 1866 A.D,their zamindari is reduced and they were the zamindars of 3 villages in Hathras and 4 villages in Mursan .Few other Rajput zamindars call for detailed notice .A small property in Sikandra Rao is held by Ghlots of Ganthri ,Shahpur own an estate paying Rs.2,054.

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Author -Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village -Larhota near Sasni
District -Hatharas ,UP.
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur , Rajasthan ,322001.

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