History Fortress, Sumawali and Jadon Kshatriya’s of Joura tahsil of Morena district and Bhind district of Madhaya Pradesh

History of Fortress , Sumawali and  Jadon Kshatriya’s   in Joura tahsil of Morena Gohan & Mehgaon tahsil of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh ——

The Sumawali fortress is situated in Sumawali village in Joura tahsil of Morena district about 17KM from Noorabad on Agra-Bombay road on the right side .It is accessible by road . Joura is a town and Tahsil of morena district 120 K M away from Agra in South and 70 KM away from Gwalior .

Sumawali village is situated 12 KM away from tahsil headquarter Joura and 12 KM away from district head quarter Morena.In the surrounding area of the fort Sumawali mostly  houses of jadon rajputs are found .In the village the dominating community is Jadon rajput .There are near about  fifteen villages of Jadon kshatriyas in Joura tahsil.

The Sumawali fortress was built in the beginning of 18th century A.D.by the rulers of Sabalgarh who were Jadon rajput of Karauli .Most probably this Sumawali fort was constructed by Raja Gopal Singh  of Karauli.Raja Gopal Singh was an ambitious , brave ,and successful chief.His ministers , Khandi Rai and Nawal Singh ,were two Brahmans whose reputation for wisdom was great , and the neighbouring states , Sheopur and Narwar , were for a time administered under their inspiration .Raja Gopal Singh kept  his subjects well in subsection ,any that showed a spirit of insubordination were at once punished , and the forts and strong places of the ill-disposed were destroyed. He carried his arms beyond Sabalgarh to the hill of Sikarwar , five kos from Gwalior ,so that Sabalgarh , Bijaipur ,&c ., Were under his sway.He did not tolerate nobles of doubtful loyalty in these districts ,but governed them by his own officers entirely .By Sambat 1805 he had consolidated his power and he then directed his attention to enlarging the Karauli places and improving his fortifications.

       The fortress of Sumawali was important from strategic point of view.The entrance gate is to north.A wall for security purposes surrounded the fortress. There is one bastion each on the four corners.The entrance gate also has a bastion. According to local tradition of this area  Som Pal was  the last  jadon Zamindar of this area .

The wall of the fortress is about 50 feet high .The place inside the fortress are now is a state of ruins.Encroachers have built shops and buildings on all four sides of the fortress.Due to this ,it has become difficult to enter it.Some historian write it’s name Subhawali .

Jadon Kshatriya’s villages In Joura Tahsil of Murena District of M.P.—-

1-Sumawali ,2-Dhamkan ,3-Narela ,4-Buravali ,5-Gadidhamkan ,6-Chachia ,7-Kaimara ,8-Ummedgarh ,9-Bansi ,10-Ghurghan ,11-Hathariya ,12-Badona ,13-Kiratpur ,14-Shahadpur ,15-Ata.

Jadon Kshatriya’s  Villages in Bhind district of M.P.
Gohan and Mehgaon Tahsil —-

1-Birkhadi ,2-Manpura ,3-Sondha ,4-Jaitpura ,5-Piparpura ,6-Vijaypura ,7-Panaoain ,8-Chandpura ,9-Rasnoul .

Migration of Jadon Kshatriyas of this area  from Mathura ,Etah ,Aligarh and Agra districts of U.P—–

By studying the clan history of the Jadon Kshatriya’s of Joura tahsil of Morena district and also in Gohan and Mehgaon tahsils of Bhind district I concluded that their  ancestors were migrated most probably before 1800 A.D from different parts of Mathura ,Agra ,Aligarh and Etah districts of U.P.Mostly these Jadon kshatriyas are found to migrate from many villages like Dhanauta , Kaunahi , Bishambhra , Songanv , Malaya and Hathiya of Mathura and Bharatpur district.

Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh.

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