History of Banaphar Lunar Race Jaduvanshi (Yaduvanshi )Kshatriya’s of Mahoba —

History of  Banaphar Lunar Race Jaduvanshi (Yaduvanshi ) Kshatriya’s of Mahoba —

A tribe of Yaduvanshi Rajputs inhabiting the country district , a few miles from Benaras .They are found in the direction of Mariahu , a thriving town on the borders of Wish .This tribe is not confined to Benares , but is scattered over a considerable extent of the country  , and has its colonies in various places between Benares and Kanpur  to the West , and far as South as Banda .Its number appear to be greatest in the district of Mirzapur , where it has a community of several thousands persons .
Wilson regards this a famous Sept of Jadon Rajputs  ;and states that it is chiefly settled in Qudh , but is likewise found as far as confined almost entirely to the Bundelkhand country now included in the Allahabad and Benares Divisions.Mr .P .Carnegy , in his list of the Rajputs Races of Qudh , makes no mention of the Banaphar tribe .
According to their own account their ancestor was Raja Vinayak Pala son of Raja Ichchha Pala of Mathura .His elder son Brahma Pala was become throne of Mathura and younger son Vinayak Pala settled in Mahoba in Bundelkhand.His descendants are called Banaphar Jaduvanshi kshatriya  .The famous warriors , Ala and Udal , whose names are household words throughput a large portion of the North -Western Provinces  , and whose achievements are sung by Nats and Bards in all directions , were of this tribe They were either vassals or allies of the Chandels , and fought for them against the Chauhans , in the Chauhan-Chandel War .In the final battle , the Banaphar heroes Alhal and Udal covered themselves with the glory , but failed to save their allies from destruction .After this catastrophe the clan dispersed , and is very much scattered and reduced in circumstances.The clan is scattered about the southern part of Qudh in considerable numbers.”There are some also , ” says Sir Elliot , “in Karra of Allahabad , in Narwan , Haveli ,and Katehar of Benares , in Garra Mandla , and Bundelkhand .Their original seat is Mahoba .   They are chiefly  found in Jalaun (Orai and Chausa ) ,Hamirpur, Banda , Benaras and Ghazipur districts .The Banaphars are of the Kashyap gotra or order.


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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,U.P.
Associate Prof in Agricultre ( Soil Sci)
Sahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Raj.

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