History of Karauli Jadon Lunar race (Ancient Yadava /Yaduvanshi ) Kshatriya’s fort Bahadurpur—

Histroy of Karauli Jadon Lunar race Kshatriya’s ( Ancient  Yadavas /Yaduvanshi ) Fort Bahadurpur and it’s Rulers –—–

Bahadurpur village is 18 miles north from Utgarh and 8 miles from west of the Karauli  city.The village derives it’s name from Bahadur ,the third son “Tursam Bahadur “of raja Gopal Das  afterwards established Sabalgarh .Tursam Bahadur who obtained Sabalgarh , Bahadurpur and Bijaipur .His descendants are the “Bahadur -ke-Jadon ” .The village is on the affluent of the Pachana ,elsewhere called the Barkhera .On the side opposite to the village is a rather spacious fort , containing a palace ,temple , and bajar ,all now deserted and ruined . Bahadurpur village  was founded in Sambat 1602 (A.D.1546) .The village was once a considerable place ,as the large old houses and the traces of buildings in the field around show.In the region of Akbar (1556-1602 A.D. ) the Karauli State became Incorporated in the Delhi empire and Gopaladas ,probably the most famous of the chief of Karauli , appears to have been considerable favour with the emperor .He is mentioned as a commander of 2000  in the Mugal empire and subdued the refractory tribes of his principality and erected places at Masalpur ,and Jhiri and a fort at Bahadurpur .

Foundation of Bahadurpur Fort—-

Raja Gopal Das.Gopal Das ,who was a gallant soldier ,to go with his majesty and do struggle in the Dakhan was ,it is stated ,with Daud Khan of Daulatabad .On returning from Dakhan the Emperor Akbar caused Gopal Das as “Bhumia “or Original Owner of the Country (he being a representative of God Shri Krishna) to lay the foundation of the Agra Fort in A.D.1566  by request of Akbar , which the diviners declared would never stand unless founded by Shri Krishna ‘s descendants .This incident is confirmed by local  tradition near Agra and has probably more truth in it than the rest of the story. After secured the victory ,he was successful to retain the favour of the emperor ,to govern his country well and generally to prosper .Maharaja Gopaladas Subedar of Ajmer who was contemporary to Akbar received Kirti Chinha and Magara Mishan by giving victory over Daulatabad.
Gopal das has seven wives :one was daughter of the raja of Amer.He has three sons ,eldest was Dwarika Das and two other are Mukut Rao and Tursam Bahadur.They are the ancestors of two most important off-shoots of Karauli.

This fort  was built by Raja Gopal Das (the grand son of raja Chandra Sen)  in sambat  1587.He gives it’s name “Baikunthpur ” in the foundation period . He died in sambat 1626 ( A.D.1569 ).He built a small places and made a garden at Machilpur .He like wise built a mansion at Jhiri , near Chambal .He built a temple called Gopal Mandir ,in which he deposited an idol brought from Daulatabad.

The fort Bahadurpur was  15 KM away from Karauli city  on Mandriyal Road  near the forest of Sased village and in secluded environment.  The fort of Bahadurpura stands up like as an insuppressible warrior is an unique example of Mughal architecture art. Double storeyed Nrip Gopal Bhawan, Saheliyon Ki Bavdi, Artistic Jharokha, 18 feet long girder of common and VIP courts, panchveer, Magadh Rai Ki Chhatri are few viewable sights. There were iron furnaces here supplied with ore from Jaipur territory ,as wood for charcoal abounds .The iron -workers pay the darbar for the privilege of cutting it .The fort was expanded throughout the years 1566 to 1644 by Maharaja Gopal Das and his descendants . Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, ruler of Jaipur State , was also resided in this fort for three months .
Raja Gopal das’s period Bhadurpur was the kingdom of Karauli after Untgiri. There are three sons of  raja GopalaDas , Dwarika Das(eldest) ,  Mukut Rao ,and Tursam Bahadur . Mukut Rao ,the ancestor of the Mukrawats of Sirmathura ,Jhiri and Sabalgarh . Tursam Bahadur ,who obtained Sabalgarh , Bahadurpur , and Bijaipur .His descendants are the Bahadur-ke-Jadon .Dwarka Das succeeded in Sambat 1626 in Bahadurpur Fort .He held his own , but did nothing remarkable .In his 6 sons Mukund Das succeeded his father Sambat 1641 (1585 A.D.).He likewise nothing remarkable .   His sons were Jagaman , chhatra man ,Deoman ,Madanman , Mahaman .Their descendants are called Mukund Jadons and are very numerous in the state.Jagaman and Chhtraman live in Bahadurpur fort as the kingdom and ruled over  Karauli state from Bahadurpur fort.

    Jagaman succeeded Sambat 1662 ( 1605 A.D ) In the time the Muktawats of Sir mathura  &Jhiri and Bahadur Jadons of Sabalgarh rebelled , but we’re reduced to obedience after prolonged fighting .Jagaman had a large family .One of his son ,Anoman ,was the ancestor of the “Kotri ” or family of village Majura .After jagaman his brother Chhatraman  was succeeded Gaddi in sambat 1688 (1631 A.D ) He went with the Emperor Aurangzeb to the Dakhan , and was undisturbed by civil commotion in his state . Chhtarman (1632 A.D)  was the ancestor through his son Rao  Bhup Pal , who was the ancestor of the Inaiti Rao ,one of the five chief nobles of the state ;another was Shast Pal ,whose descendants are Manoharpur Kotri .
Dharmpal II elder son of Chhatraman succeeded in Sambat 1701(1644 A.D)  and he transferred his kingdom.from Bahadurpur to Karauli in Vikram Sambat 1707 .His son Rao Kirat Pal ,is the ancestor of the Gareri and Hadoti family ,which is second to none in the State , and Bhoj Pal , the ancestor of the Raontra family ,also an important one.Ratan Pal eldest son of Dharma Pal II succeeded Karauli Gaddi Sambat 1622(A.D.1665).

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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudman Singh ,Govt.College,Sawai madhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001 .

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