History of Lunar Race Chhonkarjadon Rajputs–

History of Lunar race Chhonkar Jadon Rajputs —-

Ancestors of Chhonkar Jadon Rajputs—

According to the study of  Karauli Jadon rajput history pothi and pothies of several Jadon clan Jagas of Akolpura thikana near Karauli and other places , the ancestors of Chhonkar rajputs are the Jadons of Bayana and Timangarh in Bharatpur district(presently  Karauli district ). Basically Chhonkar Jadon rajputs are the descendants of jadon raja Vijaya Pal of Bayana in the 11th century , said to have been 88th in descent from Krishna .His eldest son was Tahanpala , built the well -known fort of Tahangarh , still in Karauli territory , about 1058 .Vijaya Pala ‘s grandson  Rao Udayapala , son of Tahanpal  ruler of Tahangarh was settled in the villages of chhoti and Badi Udayi  in Karauli territory. Presently these villages Chhoti Udai and Badi Udayi  are situated near railway station  Gangapur city in Sawai madhopur district.The descendants of Uday Pal are called Chhonkar jadon . But presently  there is no Chhonkar rajput .All dispersed from this place and settled other places in medieval period. According to Karauli Jaga’s pothi , the Jadon family in Jewar of Bulandshahr are known as “Chhokarajadon ” . When Muhammad Ghori captured  of Bayana and  Tahangarh (Timangarh ) in the 1196 A.D , many of the Jadon families dispersed and settled wherever they could find a home.At the same time Chhonkar Jadons descendants of Raja UdayPal were also migrated from this Chhoti Udayi and settled in various places like the villages Tainagarh in paragana Aul (Ol ) in Bharatpur and Mathura districts border.Some settled villages shervare (modern Shergarh ) and Maidavare /Manhandivare (modern Madpur village ) near Bayana  .According to the pothi record of some Jagas they also settled village Sarkhali and Madhuvada .In medieval period and also latter period chhonkars migrated from these places and settled in various adjoining areas of Bharatpur ,Mathura and Bulandshahr .

Chhonkar Jadon settlement in Jewar —

Jewar the place is said to have been founded by a Brahman who gave the place it’s ancient name of Jawali .Tradition has it that Jawali , a Rishi of the Ramayana founded the village which was name after the Saint .
In the 12 th century of the Vikramaditya’s Samvat Era ,when the crusade against the Mewati tribes was being generally prosecuted in this area of Bulandshahr district. The Brahamans  of Jewar invited the Chhonkar Jadon rajput of Tainagar in Bharatpur district to expelle their oppressors, the Meos .They compiled with the request and possessed themselves of  paragana Jewar and also of Jewar khas from the Brahamans , to whom they gave five Meos villages in exchange.
The  Chhonkar Rajputs of the Jadon Clan took possession of Jewar under their leader Ahardeo or Deopal , and  expelled the Mewatis of Jewar . They have share in 30 villages chiefly in Jewar .Chhonkar jadon Rajputs  continued to be the are Chaudharis of the place (Jewar ) till the beginning of the 12th century . Some historian say that Some descendants of raja Uday pala  Helraj and Sawahan ruled the Mewati muslims around Jewar and conquered the whole of the estate .First village made by Chhonkars often this was Mundrean .During the regin of the Emperor Muhammad Tughlaq , the office of Quzi was bestowed on one Muhammad Nasir , and his descendants are still in enjoyment of the title.
Emperor Akbar attached the Jewar paragana to dastur Baran in sirkar and Suba Delhi .The office of the Kanungo was bestowed by Akbar on Rai Dhan Mal , an Agrawal Bania .The town Jewar was held in jagir under Aurangjeb , by one Banwaidas Surajdhvaj Kayasth.He held it for 52 years and after his death Jewar was passed into the hands of Begum Sumaru as a Jagir by Shah Alam , who held it till her death in 1836 ,when upon her death it lapsed to Government.Jewar was annexed to the Bulandshahr district .It then consisted of 95 villages and hamlets , 15 hamlets were absorbed in the present village , Six villages were transferred to and 2 villages were received from , Palwal in Gurgaon and in 1844 the number was reduced to 75 .In 1859 , Tappa Rubapura , a portion of the privy purse lands (taiyal Shahi ) of the Delhi king.,gave 17 villages to Jewar , making ,now 93 villages and 108 estates.The Chhonkar jadon hold 27 or 30 villages , Jaiswars 16 , Panwar 2 , jats 16 , Tagas 3 , Shaikha 3, Brahman 1 , Eurasiana 2 and remaining to other casts.
The one ward of the Jewar town was known as  Sarai Nim Singh ,a chhonkar jadon leader in the ride against the Mewatis .

Chhokars are spreaded over Northern parts of India in states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. There are around 12 villages of Chhokar jadon rajputs in districts of Nuh & Palwal of Haryana.Around 40 Chhokar jadon rajputs villages are there in Jewar of Uttar Pradesh.
Chhokar is a clan of Chandravanshi Rajputs. Their kuldevi is Yogeshwari Devi or Anjana Devi according to Karauli authority. They are mainly found in Palwal, Faridabad & Nuh districts of Haryana and Jewar, Bulandshahr, Aligarh & Mathura districts of Uttar Pradesh. Their gotra is Atri.According to some records mentioned in Bulandshahr gazetteers and other settlement reports Chhonkar jadon rajputs are found in 78 villages around Jewar but it does not seem to be truth.They are found in some few  villages in different districts of UP ,Rajasthan and Haryana states.

Chhonkar Jadon Rajputs Villages–

(1)-Gautam Buddh Nagar( U.P)–

1-Dayanarpur,2-Kheda ,3-Siwara ,4-Ramner ,5-Kishorpur ,6-Veerampur ,7-Nagala Shahpur , 8-Gudrah ,9-Ranhera ,10-Vanpur , 11-Isanpur ,12-Parauri ,13-Garhi ,14-Dhansiya ,15-Dastampur ,16-Mauhvalipur , 17- Chanchali ,18-Dyaurar ,19-Amovara ,20-Neemra ,21-Khampur ,22-Humanyunpur ,23-Rohi , 24-Nagala parohi  ,25-Somi Nagalaind ,26-Banvarivas , 27-Jewar ,28-Brapur ,29-Dhora ,30-Rampurbangar ,31-Sirasa ,32-Karaul ,33-Veramavad ,34-Garh ,35-Syavalirahmatpur , 36-Jahangeerpur ,37-Varsana ,38-Etiya .

Mathura District–

1-Varsana ,2-Hathiya ,3-Sahadpur ,4-Randhera ,
Aligarh District -1-Chherat ,2 Chhalesar .

1-Satwas , 2-Kanwari 3-Takora

District faridabad
1-Seekri 2-Sarmathl ,3-Kabulpur

District mewat

1-Ujina , 2-Sangel, 3-Bainsi ,4-Kurthala ,5-Jajuka

District palwal

1- Firozpur rajput ,2- Hudithal
3- Hathin

District Gurgaon

District jhajjar


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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,U.P.
Associate Prof in Agricultre ( Soil Sci)
Sahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Raj.

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