History of Lunar Race Yadava stock Jadeja Rajputs of Dhrol state–

History of Lunar Race Yadava Stock Jadeja Rajput of Dhrol States—

Dhrol  is situated about thirty-four miles north-west of Rájkot and twenty-four miles north-east of Navánagar with both of which towns it is connected with a made road.  It is situated on the bank a small stream a tributary of the Und river.   The sito of the battle field of Bhuchar Mori is about two miles to the nort- west of the town and a made road connects this spot with the town Jodia town is about twelve miles to the north-west, and as the port is two miles distant from the town, Dhrol may be said to be 14 miles from the port of Jodia. The state of Dhrol is a separate-paying state of the second class with a area of 732square Kmane it was accorded 9 gun solute status  and consists of sixty one villages twenty-two and a half of which belong to the fisc, and remainder to vassals.

Ancient History–

The Jadejas almost certainly belong to the great Yadav (Jadav ) stock whose pedigree goes back to Sama ,son of Shri Krishna who brought a colony of Yadavas from Dwarka in Kathiawar to Sindh.The Sammas , with their head- quaters at Samai near Tatta ,became the rulers of south Sindh.
According to the latest accounts , the name Jadeja was taken by the Kutch branch about 1350 when they called in as their chief Lakha , a son of Jam Jada of Tatta.On the whole it seems probably that they were called Jadeja after Jada the father of the new line of rulers .

Medieval History–

The Dhrol chief is a Jadeja Rajput. Founder of the chiefdom was Hardholji, brother of Jam Rával, founder of the Navánagar state in A.D.1542 . The family is also the same as that of His Highness the Maharao Raja of Kutch .He accompanied his brother and  conquered Dhrol from Dhamal Chávada. Jayasinghji I. (also ca Dádaji) reconquered Khirasra in about A.D. 1760. It had first been conquered by Hardholji I. but was granted by Káloji I. to his Bhimji on condition that the village of Khajuri granted to his mother as maintenance during her lifetime should at her death revert to the state. Khirasra however did not restore Khajuri, and hence Jayasinghji I. attacked and conquered the entire tálukah of  Khirasra .

A list of the chiefs of Dhrol

1. Hardholji I.,
2.  Jasoji
3. Bámanioji. 4. Hardholji II.
5. Modji.,
6. Pachánji. 7. Kaloji I.
8. Sángoji.
9. Junoji
10. Khetoji. 11. Kaloji II.
12. Vaghji.
13. Jayasinghji I. also called Dadaji
14. Junoji II. also called Bapuji.
15. Náthoji.
16. Modji II.
17. Bhupatsinghji.
18. Jayasinghji II. now  on the gadi,

Jayasinghji has one son named Harisinghji , Born 1846 ;succeeded his father , the late Thakur Saheb Jesinghji , 26th October 1886 and he has two sons named Daulatsinghji and Sámatsinghji. Both of these two kunwars attend the Rájkumar College at Rajkot. The present chief built both the fort and palace of Dhrol, and also the fort and palace of Sarapdar. He has visited Jabalpur, Allahabad, Agra, Mathura, Luknow, Kánpur, Benares, Bánkipur, Bombay, Gaya, &c. He attended the Broach Exhibition and was present also at the Darbárs held in Bombay in honour of Lord Northbrook and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Status of Dhrol State

Dhrol State became a British protectorate in 1807. During the British rule of India, Dhrol State was a princely state of India ruled by the Jadeja dynasty, having an area of 283 square miles (732 sqkm ) and 71 villages under its rule. It was accorded 9-gun salute status and a privy purse of 1,10,000/-.The Thakur Saheb maintains a military force of 25 cavalry ,285 infantry , and 6 guns; and is entitled to a salute of 9 guns.

The last ruler, HH Thakore Saheb Shri Chandrasinhji Dipsinhji Jadeja, acceded to the Union of India on 15 February 1948.

Dhrol , Kathiawar .


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