History of Lunar Race Yadava stock of Jadeja Rajputs of Malia State—

History of Lunar Race Yadava stock Jadeja rajputs of Malia State–

Malia is situated on the west bank of the Machchu river about 4 miles South of the Ran .It is about 22 miles north-west of Morbi.
Malia is a Seperate tribute -paying state, exercising jurisdiction of the fourth class. It’s area is about 267 square Km having 17 villages.Revenue was Rs.91,629.

Modern History —

and Machhukántha . Dosaji of Mália was taken prisoner and brought to Morbi by Thakor Jiáji of Morbi in A.D. 1803-4 . In A.D. 1806-7 Bábáji Ápáji tried to conquer Mália for Morbi, from whom he received for his services (though unsuccessful) the village of Hadála. But he failed to reduce Mália, and the Miánás continued their predatory excursions to such an extent that the British Government was obliged in A .D.1810 to send a force against Mália, which took the fort and levelled it to the ground, leaving only the foundations. This force carried off the fort gate and built it into the great gate of Morbi which is called the Navánagar Gate. Many of the stones of the fort of Mália were brought to Náhání Barál under Morbi, and the fort of that village was built therewith. After this humiliation the Miánas remained quiet and have given no serious trouble up to the present day.

The present chief is the great-grandson of
Dosáji as under:

1-1-A-Mulvoji  (Died in his fathets’s lifetime).
1-1-B- Kaliánsingh. (Received Khirai
and certain land in Khákhrechi).
1-1-C-Jamsingh.(received Vardusar ).
1-1-A -1 . Modji (the present chieftain).


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Author- Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh
Associate Prof in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College ,Sawai madhopur ‘Rajasthan ,322001.

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