History of Yaduvanshi Lunar Race Tank or Tak Jadon Rajput of Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh —

History of Yaduvanshi Lunar Race Tank or Tak Jadon Rajputs of Mainpuri district in Uttar Pradesh-

Towards the close of the 7th or the beginning of the 8th  century  ,King Yashovarman of Kannauj (circa 690-740 A.D.) rose to power and became the Lord of the whole of Northern India.He seems to have conquered the kingdom of Mathura also but perhaps allowed it’s Shurasena kings  ,probably Devaraj and Vatsadaman , to continue as his feudatories . The last prince of this line was perhaps Vatsadaman’s son Anyadama .According to Kalhana’s Rajataringini , the king of Kashmir temporarily  conquered the kingdom of Yashovarman (including Mathura )and the same work mentions that a little later (about the close of the 8th century ) a temple was built (in Kashmir ) by the son-in-low  of the then ruler of Mathura .It clearly indicates that the kings of Shauraseni line may have occupied Mathura soon after the Yashovarman episode or at least towards the beginning of the seventh century (when the power of the Maukharis of Kannauj had declined ) and made it their capital.

     During the 9th  century and the greater part of the 10 th the city was no more the capital of a kingdom .The region might have been held by the Jadavas of Bayana who had established themselves there under Dharmpala about the beginning of the 9th century .Probably as feudatories of the Gurjara Pratiharas .These Jadava might well have been connected with the older Shurasenas of Kama (Kaman ) and might have succeeded them as rulers of this area.This Dharmpala was the 77th in descent from Krishna according to the list of the chroniclers.He was the first who bears the name of Pala ,which has descended in the family of the Karauli Raja to the present day.The names in the two following lists are derived from the bard’s chronicles ;the frist from the book of Mukji ,the famous bard of the Khichi Chauhan ,and the second from those of the Bayana Bhat.The Jaduvansis list according to Mukji’s list as follows -Dharmapala , Singha Pala ,Jaga Pala , Nara Pala Deva , Sangrama Pala , Kuntha Pala , Bhum Pala , Sucha Pala , Ichcha Pala ,Virahma Pala ,Vinayak Pala and Jodh Pala .

Raja Ichchha Pala  of Mathura in A.D.879 has three sons.

1-Brahma Pala –Brahmapala was the king of Mathura .Jadons of Bayana /Karauli are descendants of RajaBrahma pala’s Jayendra Pala of Mathura.
2-Buddhpala or Vinayak Pala –Banafars of Mahoba are descendants of Vinayak Pala .He migrated Mathura to Mahoba.
3-Jodhpala -Tank Jadons are descendants of Raja Jodha Pala brother of Raja Brahma Pala of Mathura.

Tank or Tak Jadon are  the Jaduvansis and descents of Jodhpala brother of Jaduvansi Raja  Brahma Pala  of  Mathura  in the same lines as like Bayana /Karauli Jadons and Banaphars of Mahoba ( descendants of Vinayak Pala  also the younger brother of King of Mathura Brahma Pala .

      The Tank Jadon  Thakur hold eight villages in the Mainpuri Tehsil in early time.They claim to be Yaduvansis (Jaduvanshi ), and say that they came from Karauli and Tonk districts of Rajasthan , and settled in the village of Kosma ,dispossessing the former occupants ,who were Brahman.

       They originally settled in a cluster of 12and half villages , called the “Sarhebarah gaon ,”around Kosma , in the Ghiror region , which up to the present day remains the chief seat of the clan .They possess 16 and half villages grouped round Kosma ,most of them forming part their original settlement .Some of them also say that they are Jadubansis , and claim kinship with the Jadava princes of Jaisalmer and Karauli .
In former times they were noted for their predatory habits , and even now the character of the heads of the clan is not above suspicion.
During the reign of Akbar , the Kosna men , headed by the two sons of their late chief , attacked and plundered some imperial stores passing through the district , and as a punishment for this daring robbery , one of the brother was carried off to the capital and there compelled to embrace the Muhammadan faith .This accounts for the singular division even now existing of the Kosma family and property into two sections , “Kosama Musalim and Kosama Hindu .”
It is a curious fact that Jafar Khan , the head of the Muhammdan section , is equally with Gulab Singh , the head of the Hindu branch , looked up to by the whole Tank community , and his joint headship is fully recognized by every member in all matters affecting the internal economy of the clan .The customs of the Muhammadan brotherhood still partake greatly of a Hindu character .At the ceremonies attendant on births , marriages , deaths and at Panchayat amongst the Hindu brotherhood , Jafar Khan is always summoned and take a prominent part .

Tank Jadon rajputs are found in small numbers in the Saharanpur , Moradabad , Bijnor , Muzaffarnagar ,Meerut , Budaun , Bareilly ,Mainpuri and Etah districts .Their exact numbers are not recorded in the Census Report.Tanks intermarry with clans of the highest grade.

Tank Jadon’s Villages in Mainpuri District
According to local sources presently there are near about 21 villages of Tank Yaduvansis Kshatriya’s in Mainpuri District in Uttar Pradesh.They all are very prosperous and educated .
1-Laharpur ,2-Sakatpur ,3-Kuthina ,4-Chirayayapur ,5-Balpura ,6-Nera Hajipur , 7-Abdulnavipur , 8-Magariya ( Saray Mugalpur ) ,9-Nauna Mai (Ismayalpur ) ,10-Dhinepur ,11-Nagariya Bariyar ( Fajilpur ), 12-Kosama , 13-Godhana , 14-Javapur , 15-Puvah ,16-Kuchela ,17-Gangise ,18-Nagala Bhuri, 19-Nagala Bakhat , 20-Kairavali ,21-Ambarpur .


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Author -Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village –Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh
Associate Professor in Agriculture Science.
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001.

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