Karauli Jadon Rajputs being one of the principal existing divisions of the Lunar race , and as claiming to be the direct descendants of Lord Shri Krishna , the god and hero of Braj or Mathura .Their lineage is traced back to Shri Krishna , but the first historical name is Dharmpal a ,77th in descent from Krishna , whose title “Pal “has comedown to the present Karauli Rajas .The founder of Karauli family Maharaja Vijaypala of Bayana.

The title Jadon ,is traced by Sir Henry Elliot to Yadu or Yadav,but it would perhaps be more correct to say that Jadon ,Jadu ,Jadava ,and Yadava are etymologically the same,the former being corruptions of the last. Dr Hornle has pointed out ,Jadon might be simply a corruption of Jadava as Badon is for Badava.The word Jadava was no longer current in vernacular speech and had been superseded by the hindi Jadu (Badu).

The jadons ,who have nearly always remained in or near the ancient country of Sursena or Braj around Mathura (Muttra) ,are said to have at one time held half of Alwar and the whole of Bharatpur ,Karauli ,and Dholpur ,besides the British Districts of Gurgaon and Muttra ,the greater part of Agra west of the Jumna ,and portion of Gwalior lying along the Chambal.
Present Stats – Rajasthan, MP, UP and Bihar

Rajasthan —
Princly State -Karauli, Hadoti ,Amargarh ,Inaiti ,Raontra, Bartun and Fatehpur are principal .
Sir-Mathura, Rijhouni, Bilouni.
Madhya Pradesh–
Kathaun . Kathiwada, Palpur ,Bijaipur
Uttar Pradesh –
Umargarh, Okhara, Narkhi, Jondhari, Kheda Neem, Pariha-Kotla ,Awagarh, Ghagpur , Somana ,Birpura , Gabhana ,Kora-Rustampur , Ashrafpur Jalal ,Panchon , Baranadi ,Manrauli , Husayan , Mendu , Daryapur and Hathras.

Mahaban ,Bayana ,Tahangarh,Hill fort Kesroli ,Karauli fort or palace , Untgiri ,Deogiri , Mandrel ,Naroli ,Sapotra , Daulatpura , Thali , Jambura , Khuda , Ninda ,Und ,Khodai , Bahadurpur , Machilpur , Amargarh , Raontra ,Fatehpur ,Inaiti .
Sir mathura ,Jhiri ,Sabalgarh ,Palpur Sumawali , Kotla ,Umargarh ,Awagarh ,Tochhigarh , Gabhana ,Hasayan ,Mendu , Daryapur.

This COA was made as royal representation/symbol just before Dilli Darbar 1911. British designers visited each n every Gun salute state and in consultation with erstwhile royals and their experts , they designed the COA which was duly approved by British Authorities.
The symbols shown in this COA represents certain history and symbols.


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