Jadons (Hindi ) ,Jadus , Jaduvansis (Yadavas in Sanskrit ) Lunar race Kshatriyas–

Jadons (Hindi ) , Jadus , Jaduvansis (Sanskrit Yadavas) Lunar Race Kshatriya

A Famous  clan which claim descent and their name from Yadu , son of Yayati the fifth monarch of the Lunar dynasty of Kshatriya .
Tod calls them “the most illustrious of the tribes of Ind ,” but in the Punjab their name has been overshadowed by Bhatti ,the title of their dominant branch in modern times (1). The only Hindu descendants of the Yaduvansi at the present day are the Jadons of the small state Karauli to the west of the Chambal  and Sabalgarh or Jadonvati in the Gwalior territory east of that river ;but the Musalmans of acknowledged Jadon descent from a very large portion of the population of Eastern Rajputana from Sohna and Alwar on the West to the Chambal on the east and from the banks of the Jamuna to Karauli and Sabalgarh on the South.These Jadon Musalmans are known as Khanzadas and Meos .

The Yaduvansi claim descent from Krishna .The first historical name is Dharmapala 77th in the descent from Krishna .His title” Pala ” has come down to the present Karauli Rajas.His date is about 800. His capital was Bayana from which his descendants were driven out by Muhammad Ghori , and Kutb-ud-din Aibak who took Tahangarh in 1196A.D.After this the Jadon Raja retired to Karauli region and thence across the Jamuna to Sabalgarh ,but eventually returned to Karauli (2) .

     The tribe in these Provinces now represented by the Raja of Awa in Paragana Jalesar of Etah district.Jadons are also found at Somna (Birpura and Gabhana ) ofAligarh , Kotla of Agra , and also  in districts Mainpuri , Bulandshahr ,Etah ,Aligarh ,Banda ,Mahoba ,Hamirpur ,Kanpur ,Kaushambi ,Jalaun ,Etawa ,Firozabad and Mathura .The family in Jewar of Bulandshahr are known as Chhokarzada .
The Baresir of Agra are said to have been given this title which corresponds to Bahadur by Akbar for their services at drive of Chitor .They claim descent from Raja Tindpal of Bayana .They are principally resident in the Fattihabad and Pharrah parganas and appear to have come across from Bharatpur several years ago.(3, 4 ).
The Jasawat are said to be another branch of immigrants to Agra from Jaisalmer and Jaipur .They are noted as settlers in the parganah of Khandauli in Agra and  in Govardhan area of Mathura district.
Colonel Tod (5) has a theory that Afaghans are really Jadons not Yahudi or Jews , descendants of the last ten tribes of Israel .Some of the Jadons have adopted widow marriage , but it is not universal .Several Jat tribes(Thakurela ,Haga gotra)  are also to be Jadons and the Sinsinwar of Bharatpur are prominent among them(6)  .


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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hathras ,Uttar Pradesh ,204216.
Associate Prof in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College ,Sawai madhopur ‘Rajasthan ,322001.

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