Lord Shri Krishna Yadu-Kul Shiromani Lunar Race Jaduvansi Kshatriya—-

  1. Yadu-kul Shiromani Lord Krishna   Lunar Race Jaduvanshi Kshatriya  ——

    Chandra -Vansa or Lunar race—

    The lineage or race which claims descent from the moon.It is divided into two great branches the Yadavas and Pauravas . Respectively descended from Yadu and Puru.Krishna belonged to the line ofYadu and Dushyants with Kurus and Pandus princes the line of Puru.

    Lord Krishna—

    He was of the  puranic Yadava race ( modern Jadu or Jadhava or Jaduvanshi ) , being descended from Yadu , one of the son of Yayati .Krishna , also called Hari , and written Kaniya , Madhav ,Madhusudan , was of the tribes of Yadu , the founder of the fifty-six tribes  ( Chahpan-kula Yadu ) who obtained the universal sovereignty of India , and was Swayambhun Manu , also called Vaiva-swatamanu or the man , Lord of the earth , whose daughter Ella  (Terra )was espoused by Buddha ( Mercury ) son of Chandra , the moon , whence the Yadu are styled Chandravashi  , or children of the moon . Buddha was therefore worshipped as the great ancestor , Pitriawara , of the lunar race , and previous to the apotheosis of Krishna , was adored by all the Yadu race .The principal shrine of Buddha was at  Dwaraka ,where he still receives adoration as Buddha  Trivierama  , the triple energy  ,like the Hermes Triplex of Egypt . Krishna lived towards the conclusion of the brazen age , calculated to have been about 1100 to 1200 years before Christ .He was born to the inheritance of Vraj , the territory of the Suraseni , comprehending the territory around Mathura for a space of eighty miles of which he was unjustly deprived in his infancy by his relative Kansa .There were two prices named Surasen amongst the immediate predecessors of Krishna ; one , his grandfather , the other eight generation anterior . Which of these was the founder of the Surapoor on the Yamuna , the capital of the Yadu  , is not known , but we may assume that the first gave his name to the region around Mathura  ,described by Arrian as the country of Suraseni . Alexander was in India probably about eight centuries after the defication of Krishna , and it is satisfactory to find that the inquiries he instituted into the genealogy of the dynasty   that ruling on the Yamuna , correspond very closely with those of the Yadu of this distant period ;  and combind with what Arrian says of the origion of the Pandu , it appears indisputable that the descendants of this powerful branch of the Yadu ruled on the Yamuna when the Macedonian erected the altars of Greece on the Indus .That the personage , whose epithet of ‘Krishna –Sham designates his colour as the Black Prince ‘ was in fact a distinguished chief of Yadu , there is not a shadow of doubt ; nor that , after his death , they placed him among the gods as an incaruation of Vishnu or the son ; and form this period we may deduce the hindoonotion of their Trinity .
    Arrian enumerates the names of Budxus and Cradevas amongst the early ancestors of the tribe then in power , which would alone convince us that Alexander had access to the genealogies of the Puranas  ;for we can have little hesitation in affirming these to the Buddha and Kroshtdeva , ancestors of Krishna  ; and that ‘’Mathoras and Clisobaras ,’’the chief cities of the Suraseni , are the Mathura and Surpoor occupied by the descendants of Surasen .Fifty-seven ( 57 ) descentsare given , both in their sacred and profanegenealogies  , from Krishna to the princes supposed to have been contemporary with Vicramaditya .
    The Yadavas of old were a pastoral race and dwelt on the river Yamuna ( Jamuna ) , in Vrindavana , on the western side , and in Gokul on the other . In those days , the whole region of vraj is called Mathura Mandal .The capital of Mathura Mandal was Mathura and Ugrasena was its ruler .Kansa was son of Ugrasena .He imprisoned his father Ugrasena and become the thorn of Mathura  . Ugrasena was belonged to the Andhak Bhoj clan of Jaduvansis .This clan of Jadus  ruled in Mathura since a long time .Ugrasena had a brother named Devaka whose daughter was  Devaki . She was  married to Vasudeva son of Sura  a prince of Vrasni clan of Jaduvanshi dynasty  .Sura, the son of Devamidhusa   was ruled in Surasena Mandal.The capital of Surasena Mandal was Bateshwar on the bank of the river Yamuna  in present Agra district .Once he went to hunt in the territory of the Nagas between the Ganga and Yamuna .Aryak was the ruler of the Nagas .His capital was Nagkut .The wolves attacked Sura .The Nagas saved sura .Marisha the daughter of Aryak , healed his wounds .Sura was fascinated both by her service and beauty .Sura married her and brought Marisha to his capital Bateshwar .

    The History of Krishna’s birth—

    According to a great authority , Bhagavata Purana  ,the following account of Krishna’s birth is condensed — At the time of Devaki’s marriage Kansa drove the Chariot of the newely maeeied couple .At this time a divine voice had thundered from the sky saying ; ‘’ Stupid Kansa ,Do you know whose chariot are you driving ?The eighth child of this couple will kill you ‘’  .Hearing the warning  Kansa lost his coolness .He took out the degger , held Devaki by her hair and was ready to kill her . Vasudeva instead of fighting with Kansa pacified him by advising him not to kill Devaki since first , she was a woman ,secondaly , she was his sister and thirdly , she was newely married .Those who are born have to die one day .One should not br afraid of death .It would come when it has to come .He promised that he would hand over all her sons to him .Vasudeva was a man of words .He would do what he told him .Kansa decided not to kill Devaki .Vasudeva left for his home in Bateshwar with his bride Devaki .
    Meanwhile Narada conveyed all these divinations to Kansa who blew up hearing the divine  conspiracy .Immediately  Kansa  kept his cousin  sister Devaki and Vasudeva  confined in his own place with the instructions to the guards to tell him about the birth of any child to this couple .One by one six sons were born to Devaki and Vasudeva .Kansa killed each of them . .Devaki conceived a seventh time , but the child was an incarnation of Vishnu , and was miraculously preserved by being transferred  by Yogamaya Devi from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini   , who was second wife of Vasudeva who lived in Gokul . . This child was Balarama . With the result Kansa never got a chance to slay the seventh son who later came to know as Baldeva , also called Samkarshana because he happened to change the course of the river Yamuna .When Devaki became pregnant for the eighth time , owing to Lord Vishnu’s entry into her womb she looked so bright that no one could bear a glare at her .Vishnu  was finally born in the Lunar month of Bhadrapada on the 8th day at  midnight with a very dark skin , whence he was called Krishna . He had a peculiar curl of hair , called Sri-vatsa , upon his breast . Getting the hint all the sages rejoiced at Vishnu’s this  incarnation .The Gandharvas sang and the Apsaras danced .The gods showered flowers at the prison where Krishna was born .The gods interposed to preserve the life of this divinely begotten child .The guards of the palace were over-powered with sleep , and bolts and barriers were removed .Vasudeva took up the child and escaped with him from Mathura . He repaired to the bank of the Yamuna ( Jamuna ) , and crossing the river , went to the house of his friend Nanda , a cowherd , whose wife , Yasoda  ( foster mother of Krishna) , had on that very night been delivered of a girl. Vasudeva secretly exchanged the infantsand taking along the newly borned daughter of his friend Nanda reached back to his prison .Then magically everthying became as normal as before the birth of the child .Then the daughter of Yasoda and Nanda , called Yogamaya started crying .Hearing the cry the guards of the prison woke up and they dutifully informed the king Kansa about the birth of eighth child of Devaki in the prison  . Kansa hearing the news , he rushed to the prison , where child was borned , picked up the newly borned baby and threw it down at the stone to kill him .But Yogamaya ( Yognidra ) was ready a goddess who had been sent by Vishnu .When Kansa tried to throw him down , the child rose up into the sky and adopted the eight –arm from of the goddess .’’ Stupid Kansa ,’ she said , ‘the person destined to saly you has already taken birth .It was he who had also killed you in your last birth .’’ So declaring and leaving Kansa rather bewildered Yogamaya vanished into sky .Since that time all Jaduvansis accept Yogamaya as their Kul-devi . Kansa discovered that he had been cheated , and in his wrath he ordered that every male  gave signs of vigour should be put to death .Vasudeva and Devaki , being no longer dangerous , were set at liberty .Meanwhile ,as was customary that Nanda and other cowhered chiefs of Gokul had came to capital Mathura to pay taxes to the king Kansa .Nanda also went to meet his recently released friend Vasudeva who congratulated the latter for getting a son .Although Vasudeva knew yet he did n’t tell Nanda that this son was really the son of the former ( Vasudeva ) .Nevertheless  , Vasudeva told his friend Nanda to quickly return to Gokula and look after his son as well as my son ( Vasudeva’s other son ) Balrama ( Baldeva ) who was  also staying with Rohini , another wife of Vasudeva in  Nanda’s Gokul .The cowherds were also eager to return to Gokula as they had heard about the royal order for killing the robust younglings of the region .Nanda chief of all cowherds in Gokula  , alarmed by the order for the massacre , took the young child and removed with Yasoda with Krishna  and  Rohini with Balarama to Gokula . Here Krishna was brought up ,and wandered about company of his elder brother Balarama .They played many pranks and passed many practical jokes ; but they exhibited such marvellous strength and such god like powers that they soon famous .Krishna was growing up as a high-souled boy in the Tribe of Cowherds  ,the force of his arm was rendered famous by him in the three worlds .
    The lineal successors of Krishna presently are known as Bhattis of Jaisalmer ,the Chudasamas and Jadejas of Junagarh and Kutch Bhuj , the Jadons occupying Karauli and Sabalgarh on thebank of river Chambal .They trace their descent from Buddha and Krishna  ,and Bhatti and Jadeja  may be said to occupy the Indian desert from Satalej to the ocean .

    The Jadus of Karauli came from dwaraka directly to Mathura in the leadership of Vajranabha .Buddha seems to have been a descendant of the first man , Brahma  ,and to have been the first emigrant from Sakadwipa or Seythin , into Hindustan , viz .about B.C. 2400 .Between Buddha and Krishna was a period of 1200 years .But Budh was deified by his descendants ; and in Hindu mythology he is described as of Lunar origin , the son of Soma or Chandra or Indu tae moon , by Rohini .The date of the apotheosis of Budh is not known .
    There seem to have been 56 clans of the Indu or Lunar race , but Yadu was at one time the most illustrious of all the tribes of India and became the patronymic of the descendants of Buddha .

        As Yadu of the race of Sham or Sam ( a Title of Krishna ) they would be Sama-Yadu ;  in like manner as the  Yadu Bhatti tribes are called Shama-Bhatti, the Ashambetti of Abul Fazl .The Yadu Bhatti or Shamah Bhatti (the Asham Betti of Abul Fazal)  draw their predigree from Krishna or Yadunath, as do the Jadeja of Kutch .The race of Jadus was existing near the Indus in the emperor Baber’s time  , who describes them as occupying the mountainous range in the first Doab, the very spot mentioned in the annals of the Yadu as their place of halt , on quitting India twelve centuries before Christ, and thence called Jadu or Yadu-ka-dang, the ‘hills of Jadu or Yadu .The peopling of all these regions from Indus to remote Tartary , is attributed to the race of Ayu or Indu , both words signifying the moon , of which are the Hya , Aswa , (Asi) ,Yadu ,who spread a common language over all western Asia (Tod’s Rajasthan ,Vol .I,p.529) .The Yuti and Jadu or Yadu , have much in their early history to warrant the assertion of more than nominal analogy .

    Bhattis of Jaisalmer-

    The annals of the Bhatti of Jaisalmer which given the early history of their foundation , mix up in a confused manner of the cause of their being again driven back into India . Bhatti was the exile from Zabulisthan , and , as usual with the Rajput races on any such event in their annals , his name set aside the more ancient  patronymic Yadu . In the further Doab of the Punjab is a cluster of hill called Yadu-ka dang . The Bhatti subdued all the tracts south of the Garrah, but their power has been greatly circumscribed since the arrival of the Rathod .The Jadejah is the most important tribe of the Yadu race next to the Bhatti.Their history is similar .

    The Jadeja of Kutch -Bhuj—

    The most common epithet of Krishna , or Heri , was Shama or Sama , from his dark complexion .Hence the Jadejah bore it as a patronymic and the whole race were Sama-putra ( children of Sama ) , whence the titular name , Sambus ,of its princes .The modern Jadejah , who from circumstances has so mixed with the Muhammadans of Sind as to have forfeited all pretensions to purity of blood , partly in ignorance and partly to cover disgrace , say that the origin is from Sam or Syria , and of the stock of the Persian Jamshid ; consequently Sham has been converted into Jam ; which epithet designate one of the Jadejah petty governments , the Jam Raj .The Bhatti and the Jadejah are the most conspicuous of the Yadu race .

    The Jadons of Bayana /Karauli—

    But there are others Yadus who still bear the original title  ,of which the head is the Raja of the petty state Karauli  on the river Chambal .This portion of the Yadu stock would appear never to have strayed far beyond the ancient limits of the Suraseni , around Mathura , their ancestral abode . They held the celebrated Bayana ; whence expelled , they established Timangarh by Raja Timanpala ,son of Raja Vijaypala of Bayana and finally Karauli west and Subalgarh east on the Chambal river in 1348 A.D.,by Raja Arjunpala and later Jadon kings .The tract under the latter , called Yaduvati , has been wrested from the family by Sindia . Sir Mathura is an independent fief of Karauli , held by a junior branch .
    The Yadu are scatted over Northern India ; many chiefs of consequence amongst the Mahrattas are of this tribe , and there are eight sakhas of the race , four of whom are ;-the Yadu chief of Karauli  ;Bhatti chief of Jaisalmer ; the Jadejah chief Kutch Bhooj ‘and the Sumaitecha Muhammdana in Sind .The rajas of Vijayanagar claimed to be of the Yadu tribe .The name of Yadu goes back to Rgveda , while plenty of Yadavas or Jadhavas survive to this day , whwther descended from the ancient tribe or only claiming such distinguished origin with the indispensable help of Brahmin legend .

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    Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
    Village-Larhota near Sasni
    District-Hathras ,Uttar Pradesh ,204216.
    Associate Prof in Agriculture
    Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College ,Sawai madhopur ‘Rajasthan ,322001.

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