Lunar Race (Chandravanshi ,Somvanshi ,Induvanshi.) Kshatriya’s History —

History of Lunar  Race Kshatriyas(Chandravanshi ,Somvanshi  or Induvanshi ) —-

Chandra -Vansa or Lunar race

The lineage or race which claims descent from the moon.It is divided into two great branches the Yadavas and Pauravas . Respectively descended from Yadu and Puru.Krishna belonged to the line ofYadu and Dushyants with Kurus and Pandus princes the line of Puru.

Yadu Son of Yayati of the Lunar race , and founder of the line of the Yadava in which Krishna was born .He refuged to bear the curse of decrepitude passed upon his father by the sage Sukra , and in consequence he incurred the paternal curse  , ‘’Your posterity shall not possess dominion .’’ Still he received from his father the southern districts of his kingdom , and his posterity prospered .

Brief history of Chandravansha /Somvansha /Illvansha ( Lunar Race or Dynasty –

Having heard about the kings of the famous Solar Dynasty ( of Ikshavaku and others ) Maitreya then requsted the sage , Parashar , to enlighten about Chandra Vansha or Lunar Dynasty .This is what Parashar then told him .
Brahma had a son called Atri and Atri’s son was Chandra .It was Brahma who made Chandra ( the Moon ) the ruler of all stars  , constellation and herbs .Getting this power Chandra also performed the Royal sacrifice called Rajasooya Yagya which further enhanced his power .With his power enhanced substantially , Chandra grew somewhat arrogant .In his arrogance he dared to kidnap the wife of the divine Guru Brishaspati  ,called Tara . Despite Brishaspati’s repeated request Chandra refuged to return Tara .This made Brishaspati enraged and fierce was ensued between him and Chandra Shukra , the priest and Guru of demon  , even otherwise , was not enamored of the divine Guru Brishaspati  . So he also sided with Chandra .Many demons influenced by Shukra also came to the side of Chandra .But Rudra and Indra continued to support to Brishaspati .
Since Tara was the basic reason for this war , the whole war came to be known as Taramaya War .The war soon assumed such deadly proportions that it appearedas if the whole world might be destroyed .This led everybody to request Brahma to mediate to stop this war . Brahma took the role of the mediator and in no time the war was stopped and Tara was restored to Brashspati .
Meanwhile , Chandra ( Moon )  had produced a son-from Tara who was named Buddha. He was an ancestor of a branch of the great Hindu people of a time prior to authentic history .Buddha ( Mercury )  is said to have been  married with Ila / Ella (Terra ) daughter of Ikshwaku (Vaivasvata Manu , or the man , lord of the earth ) , with whom , therefore , he was a contemporary , and  the descendants of  this union were , in succession , Puroorva , Ayu , Nahusha and Yayati   . It was some time back that Maitre and Varuna had cuesed the divine danseuse Uravasi for some reason .They had cuesed her that she would have to spend some time on the earth .

Maharaja Puroorava and Urvashi–

Once while Puroorva was roaming on the mount  Gandhamadan , he happened to Spot Urvashi also enjoying the prestine moonlight . He fell for her and requested her to marry him . Urvashi accepted the proposal subject to a condition . It was that two sheep were to always stay close to her bed and if the sheep happened to be stolen by any one by any chance  , she would immediately returned to heaven .Since Puroorva was madly in love with Urvashi  ,he readily agreed to the condition . Then  ,he took Urvashi to his capital and they lived happily for as many as sixty thousand years .
Urvashi was quite happy there and she had no desire to return to heaven . But in Urvashi’s absence the Gandharvas felt very lonely in heaven .So they plotted ways of bringing back Urvashi to heaven . One night they managed to steal the two sheep . Since the accepted condition was broken , Urvashi immediately left back for heaven .However , during her stay with Puroorva she managed to beget six sons for Puroorva . The eldest among them was Ayu .
In fact Urvashi had three conditions put forth before Puroorva . Apart from the one relating to the sheep , the other conditions were that Urvashi should never see the king naked and that pure ghee was to be served to her for food .The Gandharvas knew the conditions . So first they stolen the sheep .When in their separation Urvashi began to cry and challenge to Puroorva’s masculinity , Puroorva ran after the Gandharvas in the dark unclad .But the Gandharvas also knew how to create fire in a typical way . When they created fire , in its glow Puroorva was also seen naked by Urvashi .Also , during this tussel ,Urvashi was not given the ghee diet . Since all the three conditions were broken , Urvashi left back for heaven .However , she assured Puroorva that she come back to deliver him their first son as she was now pregnant .This is how Ayu was born .
Urvashi had also produced five other sons for Puroorva .Their names were Amavasu ,Vishwavasu ,Shritrayu ,Shataryu and Ayutaryu . In Amavashu’s lineage was the sage Jahnu who had drunk the entire Ganga when the river descended on the earth ald flooded his Ashrama . Then after the request of Bagiratha he released the river through his thigh .
While stealing the two sheep when Gandharvas  , were chased by Puroorva the former had told him the secret of producing Agni ( fire ) in a special way .They also instructed the king to divide the fire so created into three ways ;Grihapatya , Ahavaniya and Dakshina . The three Agnis had their separate significance .While the first one was for domestic usage , the second for inviting or involving a great deity ( or great soul ) and the third was for fighting against the evil .
Puroorva’s son Ayu was married to Rahu’s daughter  who had five sons .Their names were Nahusha ,Kshatravriddha, Rambha , Raji and Aneha .

Nahusha and Yayati—

Ayu’s  first son was Nahusha .Nahusha was married with  .He had six sons .Their names were  Yati ,Yayati ,Samyati ,Ayati ,Viyatiand Kriti .Among these Yati was a man of ascetic like temperament . He had no desire to be a king .With the result  , Yayati became the king after Nahusha . Yayati had two wives .The first was Shukracharya’s daughter Devayani and the second was the demon –lord Vishaparva’s daughter Sharmishtha . He got two sons from Devayani who were called Yadu and  Turvasu , and three feom Sharmishtha were Druhya ,Anu and Puru .
Owing to a curse Yayati had received from Sukra he had become much old before he should have been .Then he called his eldest son Yadu and said ;’’ Son I have become old rather untimely .But I still want to enjoy material and sexsual pleasures . Would you lend me your youth and accept my old age for 1000years .’’ Yadu refused to comply with the request which made his father curse him ; ‘I say in your line no son would be worthy of being a king . your  (Yadu’s ) dynasty would be devoid of any worthy king Then he summoned Turvasu , Druhya and Anu . But they also refuged to part with their youth against the exchange of their father’s old age .Consequently Yayati also imposed upon them the same curse which he had on Yadu .Finally he summoned Puru who immediately agreed to his father’s request .He took upon himself his father’s old age and gave in return his own youth .
Becoming young Yayati immersed himself in all sensual pleasures .But after having spent many years in sensual pursuits he developed surfeit with them .Then he got back his old age from Puru and returned Puru’s youth back to him .Yayati made Puru the king and went off to do penance in the forest .Since Turvasu ,Druhya and Anu had refused to agree to their father’s request , they only received small kingdom eventually from their unhappy father .

King Yayati sprang three great lines

the Yadu ,Puru and Ura or Urvass from each of whome came many dynasties ruling on the many countries of  Indus  .Of the three lines , Yadu ,Puru and Ura , the Yadu became most illustrious . The descendants of Buddha and Ella were known as the Chandravansa ,Somavansa , or Induvansa , all of these terms meaning the Lunar Race ; but the fame of Yadu eclipsed the prior designations  , and throughout India the Lunar Race came to be styled Yaduvansa .Yadu , the founder of the Fifty –Six tribes ( Cha-pan-kula –Yadu )who obtained the universal sovereignty of Indis .Yadu held territories in Hindustan about Allahabad , but seemingly in small republican states , some of which were staked and lost at play .
It was in Yadu’s line that Arjuna was born. He received several boons from Dattatreya following his devoted service to the learned sage .One of them was that Arjuna be endowed with a 1000 arms . The second was Arjuna’s commitment to wage a constant fight against unrighteous conduct to established proper Dharma .He was also commited to fighting the evil and serve the good .The third boon was no enemy would be able to defeat him ( Arjuna ) .And finally the fourth was that Arjuna could be killed only by someone renowned in the three worlds . This Arjuna came to be renowned as Kartaveeryaarjuna . With these powers he performed as many as ten thousands Yagyas and could rule for 85 thousands years .His capital was Mahishmati  Nagari .
Once Ravana of the Ramayana fame dared to invade his capital and was defeated and imprisoned by Arjuna .This brave Arjuna was eventully killed by Parashuram the scourge of the Kshatriya class .All those who descended from Yadu came to be known as Yadavas .  Madhu ,the great Yadava king , from whom Krishna obtained the patronymic Madhava and this dynasty is also called Madhava vansh. The  most prominent among them was Lord Krishna of the Gita fame .


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