Maharaja Dharampal :The 77th in descent of Krishna was real founder of Jadon family of Bayana —

Maharaja DharmPal : The 77th in descent of Krishna was real founder of Jadon family of Bayana—

People of Jadon race are, generally , credited as natives of Mathura and Saurashtra regions.Literary and epigraphic sources also support the rule of Yadavas or Jadons in Mathura ,Dang and Mewat regions of Rajasthan either as independent of feudatories of Partihars and Parmars( 1).

   Although in the genealogical sketch of Yadavas of Karauli it is mentioned that one Dharmpal of the family in 810 CE had migrated from Dwarika ?( Saurashtra ) and conquered the land of Bayana and Mewat (2 ).At the time of Dharmpal Mewat was under the possession of Parmars .

    The real history begins with this Dharampal , the 77th in descent from Krishna according to the list of the chroniclers.He is the first who bears the name of” Pala ” , which has descended in the family of the Karauli Jadon Raja to the present time.He and his successors are said to have resided in Bayana.(3)
The history of the next 7 successors (Singha Pala ,Jaga Pala ,Nara Pala Deva , Sangram Pala, Kuntha Pala ,Bhaumpala , Such Pala , Ichchha Pala ,Virama pala , Jayendra Pala or Jaitra pala ) of Dharmpal is not clear.But during the time of Jayendra Pal (Indra pal ) father of Vijaypal , Mewat came under the control of Nikumbh Rajputs (3) .We can not ascertain that before 1036 CE Vijay Pal had any claim over the region of Bayana or Mewat .

    From Ingnoda inscription of VS 1190 it appears that until the commencement of 12th century Partihars of Kannauj continued to exercise their political influence over Bayana and Mewat (4) .It is possible that in the initial years of his reign over Vijaygarh or Bayana ,Vijaypal might have accepted the suzerainty of Partihars.

      Most of the historians begin the account of erstwhile Karauli State of Rajasthan with the accession of Vijaypal of Jadon race at Vijaygarh or Bayana (5).He is 11th in descent from Dharam Pal , to whom the building of the fortress of Vijayamandirgarh is unanimously attributed.
An inscription bearing his name still exists on one of the Hindu pillars of the Masjid in the Bahari -Bhitari -Mohlla in the town of Bayana (6).It gives the date of Samnay 1100 or A.D.1043.
The other names of the rulers of Bayana-Karauli family were Tahanpala (1060) ,Dharam Pala II( 1090) , Kunwarpala (1120) ,Aajya Pala (1150) ,Hari pala (1180 ), Sohan Pala ( 1196) ,Ananga Pala (1220) ,Prithi Pala (1242) ,Raja Pala (1264) ,Trilok Pala (1286) ,Vipala pala (1308) , Asala Pala (1330) ,Gugola pala (1352) ,Arjuna Pala (1374) , Vikramajit (1396) ,Abhay chand pala (1418) ,Prithvi Raj pala ( 1440) ,Chandrasen or Chandrapal (1462) , Bharti chand (1484) ,Gopaldas (1506) , Dwarakadas (1528) .
The following names are derived from the bard’s chronicles ;the first from the book of Mukji , the famous bard of the Khichi Chauhan , and the second from those of the Bayana Bhats .


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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,U.P.
Associate Prof in Agric.
Sahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Raj.

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