Principal estates of Jadon Rajputs in Aligarh ,Etah and Agra districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Principal Jadon Rajput Estates in Aligarh ,Etah and Agra Districts of Uttar Pradesh —

Aligarh District–

1-Gabhana estate —

Thakur Chandan Singh, left a largely increased property to his adopted son ,Lekhraj Singh of Gabhana.His estate consists of 15 villages and 13 mahals in the Khair tahsil ,two villages and nine mahals in Aligarh , and two large mahals in paragana Akrabad ,with a total area of 18,721 acres  and a revenue demand of Rs .41,316 .

2-Birpura estate-

At Birpura in pargana Khair resides Thakurain Jamuna Kunwar ,the widow of Ganga Sahai ,of the same family ,who holds four villages and four mahals in the Khair tahsil ,two mahals in Koil and two in Akarabad  ,with a total area of 5 ,868 acres and a revenue demand of Rs.10 ,468.

3-Kora Rustampur estate—

It is also in paragana Khair ,is the home of a family till lately represented by Bijaipal Singh ,son of Sukhram Singh ,whose property comprised six villages and two mahals in paragana Khair ,4 ,855 acres in extent assessed at Rs.8 ,705 .

4-AshrafpurJalal estate –

Another  family of jadons lives at Ashrafpur Jalal ,close to Aligarh .It is that time represented by Thakur Kalyan Singh ,son of Thakur Bhopal Singh ,who owns one village and ten mahals in the Koil and Morthal paragana and three villages in the Atrauli ,with an area of 2 ,403 acres and a revenue demand of Rs.5,166.

Baranadi estate —

At the village of Baranadi in the north-east of paragana Koil lives Thakur Dharam Singh ,the head of a jadon community ,whose own estate comprises eight mahals ,2 ,791 acres in extent ,in that paragana with a revenue of Rs.7 ,951.There are several other jadon properties in paragana Sikandra Rao.

Pachon estate —

The chief is Pachon was Thakur Kunwar Ramchandra Singh of Pachon whose estate is under the court of wards in Aligarh on behalf of a widow, whose  estate comprises five mahals assessed at Rs.5 ,500 in Aligarh district ,as well as a large property in Aliganj .His villages are mostly in paragana Marehra of Etah district.Later on The chief of this estate wasThakur  Lal Umrao Singh .

6-Banwaripur estate —

It is divided between two ladies Indar Kunwar and Raj Kunwar ,who pay a revenue of Rs.2 ,148 in equal shares ,while no other Zamindar need be maintained except perhaps Jawahar Singh of Mangrauli in the Etah district ,who owns two mahals in this paragana.

Jadon Estates in Etah District–

A-Ancient Jadon estates—

1-Umargarh estate–

Umargarh town in Jaleshar tahsil in Etah district ,North -western Provinces situated on the left bank of the Sengar(Isan) river 28 miles to the west of Etah ,9 miles south -east of Jalesar town ,10 miles south-west of Awa ,on the Etah-Tundla road .The population in 1901 ,number 4 457 persons .The total area of the village 56 ,532 acres of which 3816are cultivated and it is assessed to land revenue at Rs.11 ,350.This town is the seat of an ancient Jadon Rajput family ,migrated form Bayana to Jalesar in Sambat 1103 .The  chief of this Umargarh family was Sungi Pal who obtained Umargarh estate from his father Raja Jainpal.Their descendants still recognize the headship of this branch by assembling at Umargarh every for the Dasehra .The chief is anciently known as the  Rao .At the time of foundation (Sambat 1225,) this estate consists 12 villages having an area 35000 Bighas .After 22 generations the well known thakur of this family were RaoThakur Bahadur Singh , RaoTikam Singh , Rao Buddh Pal Singh and Rao Nitra Pal Singh and so on.There is a old mud fort.The fort was originally defended by a deep fosse but this is known partially filled up and buildings are in a dilapidated conditions . Umargarh was plundered by the Marahttas under Bahadur Singh ,who maintained agallant defence against the hostile forces.Round the walls of the fort are magnificent mangogroves.There are two  Indigo -factories ,one belonging to the jadon family and the other to a European firm.,polish station ,post office and primary school.The latter time in 19th century ,the chief of family was Thakur Nitra Pal Singh son of Thakur Buddh Pal Singh.The daughter of Thakur Buddh Pal Singh and step -sister of Nitra Pal Singh Bitta ji was married with Kunwar Kayam Singh son of Thakur Raghunath Singh of Isharda Thikana  of Rajawat clan of Kachhavaha Vansh of Jaipur in Sawai madhopur district  and latter on Kunwar Kayam Singh become Maharaja of
Jaipur by named Madho Singh Second and Bitta ji of Umargarh  becomes Maharani Jadon ji of Jaipur .The Awa family and Umargarh family both are Jadons ,there is no connection between both families .The Umargarh claiming the better descent and having undoubtedly been much the longer established in the district.Rajawali , Baghai , Chilasini ,are famous thikanas of Umargarh estate.

2-Okhara estate –

This estate was founded in sambat 1225.The first chief of this estate was Raja pooran Pal son of Raja Jainpal and Rathor Rani of Rampur.This estate consists of 12 villages having area of 35000 Bighas that time.Kumhergarhi ,Kalyan garhi , Sevala , Madanpur , Ratauli , Khanpur , Jampur ,Ramnagar and Bajidpur are famous villages of this estate .The descents of this family are called Bhirgude Rana.Some family of this clan were found in Rampur , Lalpur and Punhra villages.

3-Narkhi estate–

The first chief of this estate was Thakur Bijhal Pal .This estate was also formed in Sambat 1225.It consists 12 villages having area of 35000 Bighas.Former time this place was called by the name Nagari of Narad Muni.Today it is called Narkhi .It consists Dodsa, Hansramgarhi ,and Jatau famous thikanas .Some other villages comes in this estate are Latipur , Fatehpur , Bhudsher , Janjir ka Nagla , Ramkumar ka Nagla , Nagala Birju , Jakhai , Tapakhurd , Mahmudpur , Salempur ,Bhitri , Bdaganv , Sarkhri and Bakhtra .The descents of this family are called Tikait Bhirgude .

4-Jaundhri estate —

The first chief of this estate wad Karan Pal .This estate founded in Sambat 1225 and consisting area is 22000 Bhi ghas and having 12 villages.The famous villages of this estate are Sakavatpur , Ranchhorgarhi .

5_Neemkhaira /Mudsama estate —

The chief of this estate wad Lochan Pal .This estate also consists 12 villages of an area of 22000 Bighas.Nagla Sukhdev , Sakrauli , Mudsama , Bakhti ka Nagla , Esauli , Jinawali , Bakalpur , Kanwar , Takhawan , Pachon .

Jadon estate in Agra District—

6-Phariha -Kotla estate—

The first chief of this estate was Raja Tulsi Das the fifteenth in direct descent from Raja Vijay Pal of Bayana founder Jadon family of Karauli .Raja Tulsi Das was appointed a commander of 300 by Akabar ,.Raja Harikishan Das ,the sixth descent from him ,who received from Emperor Aurangzeb the title of Bahadur ,acquired the villages of Phariha and Kotla well as a large tract of neighbouring country .The Kotla estate ,consisting of 55 villages in Firozabad ,assessed at Rs.50 ,132 ,was founded about 150 years ago by a Jadon Rajput named Ishwari Singh ,who gained possession of 42 villages .The present owner is Kunwar Kushal Pal Singh ,who obtained the property by gift from Lali Jas Kunwar .Raja Kushal Pal Singh owned of a considerable 61 mahals in the Agra district paying Rs.53 ,311 land revenue  ,16 mahals paying Rs. 20 ,052 as land revenue in the Mainpuri district ,and 4 mahals payingRs.6 ,972 in the Etah district .Raja Bahafur Kushal Pal Singh of Kotla was a member of the Leistrative Assembly and had long been a member of both the Imperial and Provincial Legislative Council .He was also a Honorary .Magistrate .His sister Sagun Kunwar daughter of his uncle Thakur Karan Singh of Jatau-Kotla  was married to Thakur Sawai Singh of Isharda thikana of Jaipur State in Sawai madhopur district.Her younger son Mor Mukut Singh becomes Maharaja of Jaipur State and becomes famous by name Maharaja Man Singh Second of Jaipur.

Awa (Awagarh ) estate—

The Awa Jadon family is of recent origin.Their history begins in the time ofMuhammad Shah (1720 -1748 A.D) .The actual founder of this family ,and the first member of it of whose existence there is any definite record was Thakur Bijai Singh ,son of Thakur Chatturbhuj Singh ,a zamindar of Nari-Semari village in paragana Chhata of the Muttra district.He emigrated to Jalesar early in the 18th century and became baid or Physician to the local Governor ,who in gratitude for his services, presented him with the village of Misa ,about two miles from Awa ,which subsequently gave it’s name to the Awa -Misa Taluqu .Bhakht Singh that by the 37th year of the reign of Shah Alam the latter had acquired 53 villages . Thakur Heera Singh confirmed of his title to the Awa-Misa taluka ,from which the present Awa estate has grown .Thakur Heera Singh ,who completed the Awa fort .At the beginning of British rule he was founded in possession of 57 villages .Later on Raja Pitambar Singh and Raja Prithi Singh were the man of great ability  and continued to improve and extend their estate .Raja Pirthi Singh was an able administrator and acquired great wealth by money -lending and speculating in indigo .Awa estate consists of 230 villages and 292 hamlets ,situated in the districts of Etah ,Agra ,Aligarh ,Muttra ,and Mainpuri .The rental demand for the year 1882 -83 is Rs.6 ,22, 016 .
Raja of Awa who owns 160 villages and shares in 108 villages in Etah district.At the time of Raja Suraj Pal Singh ,the property in Aligarh district is very extensive ,aggregating 27,906 acres with an assessment of Rs.60,984

.Awa estate consists villages in Aligarh district—

It includes 30 villages and four mahals in the Sikandra Rao tahsil ,14 villages in paragana Hatharas and one in Koil .

Awa estate consists villages in Agra district–

It consists villages in Agra district are 23 villages in Itimadpur ,three (3) villages in Khairagarh ,two villages forming three mahals in Firozabad ,two villages in Agra ,and the large village of Dhanaula in Fatehabad ,which was confiscated for rebellion of the old proprietors .The whole is assessed at Rs.56 ,975.Six villages and 5 mahals ,paying Rs.14 ,219 , in Muttra and 5 villages and 11 mahals in Mainpuri district.In addition ,Raja Suraj Pal Singh ji receive malikana allowance from one village in Agra and one in Aligarh.

Author–Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village–Larhota near Sasni
District–Hatharas ,U.P.
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001.

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