Principal Morris of Yadus/Jadus /Jadons Kshatriya Clan of Karauli State—

The principal Kotris of Yadu /Jadu /Jadon Kshatriya’s of Karauli State——

The ruling family of Karauli belonged to the Jadu /Jadon Kshatriyas clan .It is said that at one time the Jadons who lived near the territory of Braj around Mathura held half of Alwar ,the whole Bharatpur ,Dholpur and Karauli  ,the British districts of Gurgaon and Mathura ,the greater part of Agra to the west of Jamuna and the portion of Gwalior lying along the river Chambal . Thahan Pala ,the eldest son of Bijai Pala of Bayana ,settled himself there about 1058 A.D in the Dang area and founded Tahangarh fort .The real founder of Karauli family was Raja Tahan Pala .

Kotris –In Karauli State the tribute paying jadon families known as Kotries ,were 37 in number .

The principal Kotris—

  These principal Morris are  Hadoti , Amargarh , Inaiti , Raontra and Bhartun .On the occasion of accession to one of these the maharaja goes in person to invest the heir on whom he bestows a horse and the dress of honor ( “siropao ” ) .

Their Rank—–

Hadoti usually supplies an heir to the ‘gaddi’ , when the ruling raja is without sons , and the thakurs bears the title of “Rao” . Amargarh however claims equal rank ,so the the two can not meet in Darwar . Inaiti is also termed Rao , and ranks after the first two , Raontra next , and then Bartun .


The original seat of the Hadoti family was the neighbouring village of Gareri .The first Rao was Kirat Pal , second son of Raja Dharmpal , who succeeded to the Karauli gaddi in Samay 1701.In A.D.1697 the thakur of Hadoti and Fatehpur being unable to settle their boundary disputes , a panchayat of their brethren assembled to arbitrate.The disputants , however , could not refrain from violence , shots were fired , and a stray bullet from the Hadoti party killed Kirat Pal of Gareri ,one of the  arbitrators .The maharaja thereupon authorised Kirat Paul’s son to take possession of Hadoti ,which has been the seat of the family ever since.The Rao is said to be able to furnish 25 horse and 200 foot.Like the others this kotris has not been remarkable for its loyalty , and Maharaja Har Bakhsh Pal took and sequestrated the estate after a hard fight for it at the Ekat Nala ,through which the path to Hadoti runs .Six years afterwards the estate was restored on payment of fine .

2-Amargarh —

The first thakur of Amargarh was AmarMan son of Raja Jago Man ,who succeeded to the cushion in Sambat 1662.Amar Man is said to have gone to Delhi ,and to have obtained a command of hourse (Mansab ) from the emperor . Amargarh maintains the same force as Hadoti ,25 horse , and 200 foot.In the wars with Marhattas the Rao ,who had lands in Sabalgarh across the Chambal , is said to have intrigued with Sindhia , and to have facilitated the capture of Sabalgarh by Sindhi’s French general , Baptiste .
The revenue now paid to Gwalior for the Sabalgarh estate of the thakur is about Rs.20 ,000.In Maharaja Manak Pal ‘s time Amargarh was taken by the young chief Amolak Pal , the thakur imprisoned , and the estate sequestrated ,but subsequently restored by Manak Pal .Maharaja Har Bakhsh Pal also in A.D.  1847 deprived the thakur of his estate for a time .In Maharaja Partab Paul’s time Thakur Lachhman Chand of Amarnath was the leader of the disaffected , and he continued to fan the flame of rebellion throughout the few months Narsingh Pal was on the “Gaddi” .It was not till brought to his bearings by Lieutenant Monck Mason that he became politically innocuous .He was subsequently discovered to be a patron of coiners , for which offence he was fined Rs.15,000by the Jaipur Court of Vakils .It was ordered that the amount be spent on public works in Karauli .


The first Rao of Inaiti was Bhul Pal , son of Maharaja Chhatar Man , the date of whose accession is Sambat 1788.The rao has about 10 horse and 50 foot.


The first thakur of Raontra was Bhoj Pal , another son of Raja Dharam Pal .He has a force about 10 horse and 50 foot.


The founder of the Bartun family was Madan Man , son of Maharaja Mukund  ,who sat upon the “Gaddi “Sambat 1641 (A.D.1584) .The force at the thakur’s command is 5 horse and 50 foot .
The above mentioned five nobles have each of them forts.

Fatahpur —-

There is another stronghold worthy of notice held by a thakur of inferior rank , namely , that of Fatahpur , situated north -east of Karauli city on the hill range which forms the northern boundary .The thakur , who belong toa kotri , called Hari Das , though he can bring 50 foot and 20 horse into the field , has in Karauli but one-sixteenth of four villages .He owes what importance he possesses to the border situation of his fort , and to the fact of his holding several villages in Jaipur adjoining his own .

The history of the Fatahpur family is a type of those of the Hari Das kotri generally.Near about 1770 A.D.One Nahar Singh held the four villages alluded to above, namely ,1- Fatahpur ,2Rampura ,3 Mengri and 4 Bakhtpura .He divided them into sixteen shares , and  only one thakur holds a whole share .
About the year A.D.1845 the fort was occupied by troops of the Jaipur Darbar with the consent of Karauli , then much weakened by rebellion .The cause of this proceeding was the refusal of the thakur to submit to either darbar after engaging in an affray in which he had killed some of his brethren .The proceeding was approved by the. Political agent , but the fort was subsequently restored.

Remaining Kotris /Families (Hari Das and Mukund) ——

The remaining families of thakurs are all small and insignificant ,except in combination.They belong for the most part to one of two kotris , the Hari Das above-mentioned and the Mukund .The Hari Das consists of sixteen(16) divisions ;the Mukund of eight(8) .The villages of the former lie near the western border of the Karauli State ;those of the latter to the north-east of the Karauli city.Each division has many shares ,so that they are obliged to eke out their scanty rents by service .During the troublous times which lasted from the death of Harbakhsh Pal to the arrival of Lieutenant Monck Mason as political agent ,Hari Das thakurs were amongst the most rebellious in the state , and they gave Lieutenant Monck Mason much trouble.

The Thakurs families (Kotris) paying tribute are thirty ;seven in number ,of which those of Hadoti , Amargarh , Raontra , Inaiti and Bharthun  are known as Thikanedars .The remainder are styled Bapotidars .The other families of nobles are of little importance and belongs chiefly to Hari Das and Mukund Kotris or to the Pal family.

Meaning of Thakur or Jagirdars –

The lands were for the most part devided and inherited by the families of the dominant clan called Thakurs or Jagirdars .They paid to the Chief certain dues or assessed contribution rated upon their incomes and regulated by immemorial customs.
In Karauli State ,the aristocracy consisted of Jadon thakurs who were connected with Royal family.The thakurs and jagirdars paid as tributes a fixed sum called Khandi .The tribute , being one -forth of the produce of the soil ,was in lieu of military service which was not performed in Karauli .
In case of military emergencies or State pageants , the Thakurs and Jagirdars were requisitioned with their retainers , who , on such occasion were maintained by the State exchequer.On ordinary occassion their attendence at the Darbar was as their own expanse.


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