Real History and Real Makers of R.B.S.College Agra (Formerly Balwant Rajput High School )–

Real History and Real Makers of R.B.S.College Agra (formerly Rajput High School or Balwant Rajput High School ) Foundation

The history of the institution is only about more than 130 years old.As lndicated earlier , it had a very humble beginning in 1885 when it was started as a boarding house in the out -house of the Bagh Farzana Kothi laterally known as Kotla House near Hari parwat  area , the private residence of Thakur Umrao Singh and his brother Thakur Naunihal Singh of Kotla .The Bagh Farzana Kothi (Kotla House ) was converted into a Boarding House to providing schooling for 20 Rajput boys brought for higher education under a Superintendent and a tutor  from the eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh.This happened in 1885 , also the year of the birth of Indian National Congress.
These two gentlemen (Th.Umrao Singh and his younger brother Naunihal Singh ,of Kotla -Jatau ) were soon joined by Raja Baldeo Singh of Awagarh , Raja Lakshman Singh of Wazirpura (Agra ) –the renowned Hindi Writer , Thakur Lekhraj Singh of Gabhana estate (Aligarh ) and Thakur Kalyan Singh of Jalalpur estate (Aligarh ) .
In the following year ,Raja Balwant Singh of Awagarh purchased the present R.B.S.College old building at Agra for Rs13,000/- .A Hostal was formally opened by Sir Auckland Colvin , the Lieutenant Governor of Uttar Pradesh in 1887, the year of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria  ,and was named Jubilee Rajput Boarding House .Largely due to the enlightened and strenuous efforts of Late Raja Balwant Singh and the Hon’ble Raja Ram Pal Singh of Kalakankar , the boarding house changed shape and developed into the Rajput High School , which was formally opened in 1899 by Mr.Impey , the then Commissioner of the Agra Division .The Year 1901 saw the first batch of the students from Rajput High School taking their matriculation examination at Allahabad University.After the death of Raja Balwant Singh ,in the end of 1909 this Rajput High School was known as Balwant Rajput High School in his memory.

My old lamented friend  Late Raja Balwant Singh Awagarh C.I.E.,O .B.E started the Balwant High School at Agra.He was noted for his Philanthropy in the field of Education.
By Harcourt Butler
          Governor of the United Provinces.

Author -Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hatharas ,Uttar Pradesh.
Associate Professor , Sawai madhopur

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