The Hon’ble Raja  of Kushal Pal Singh Bahadur of Jadon estate Kotla in Uttarpradesh—-

The Hon’ble Raja  of Kushal Pal Singh Bahadur of Jadon estate Kotla in Uttarpradesh—-

Raja Kushalpal Singh occupied a very Eminent Position among the Nobility of United Provinces of Agra & Qudh .

Old Historical background of Kotla Jadon Family –—- Kotla estate  of Jadaun Rajput was very old in Firozabad Pargana of Agra District in Uttarpradesh .The noble family of Jadaun Rajput who hold Phariha and other villages in Mustafabad (Mainpuri )and Kotla estate in Agra formely  belong to old Narkhi family claim the title of Raja .This claim has never been allowed by the BritisGovernment ,through the right was recognized by other Rajput chiefs and in popular parlance .They were descended from Maharaja Bijay Pal of Bayana now in Bhartpur district of Rajasthan  , 88th descendant of Shri Krishna , who came from Mathura in 995 to the hill Mani which overlooks the modern town of Bayana   and established himself as a powerful monarch .(Karauli Family ). The fifteenth in direct descent from Raja Bijay Pal was Raja Tulsi Das ,appointed a commander of 300 Sainik by Akbar,and frequently mentioned in both the Akabarnama and Ain -i -Akbari where a sketch of his life was given .At this time he received the estate of Kotla and Narkhi .Raja Harikishan Das ,the sixth in descent from him ,who received from the Emperor Aurangzeb the title of  “Bahadur” ,acquired the villages of Pariha ,Kotla and Latipur as well as a large tract of neighbouring country from Mewatis .After some generations Rani Mahtab Kunwar of Kotla  died in 1889 leaving the Estate to her daughter Rani Jas Kumar. As the latter had no child of her own . she transferred the Estate to Thakur Kushal Pal Singh s/o Thakur Umrao Singh of Jattau  in May 1905, the latter having descended from Raja Harkishan Das in the eldest male line.In this line Thakur Jalim Singh was a reputated Jamindar of village Jattau.He had 3 sons ,Thakur Karan Singh ,Thakur Umrao Singh and Thakur Nau Nihal Singh .Thakur Umrao Singh was well known educated man in Rajput community in United provinces of Agra and played a great contribution in educational development and social Upliftment of Rajput community .He gave good co -ordination to Raja Balwant Singh of Awagarh in foundation of Akhil Bhartiy Kshatriy Mahasabha (A .B  K .M)in 1897 .He had 5 sons Raja Kushal pal Singh Bahadur ,Th.Jogendra Pal Singh ,Th.Mahendra pal Singh ,Th.Bhawan Pal Singh and Th.Lokendra Pal Singh .All brothers were highly educated and  served on higher posts in Govt .of India at that time .This family was well -known  in  the field of education in our community  .They had relations with  Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh second and  Maharaja Sawai Man Singh second of Jaipur Raj pariwar.

Raja  Bahadur Kushal Pal Singh of Kotla ,Indian political leader was born  on 15th Dec. 1872 . He received his education at Agra college  .B A in 1892 (Allahabad Univ),M A in 1893 (Calcutta Univ ),LLB in 1897 (Allahabad Univ )L L.D ;Ph.D.,M .R.A.S., F.R.S..L.,F.R.G.S..,F.R.His.S.,M.R.Num.S..,F.R.S..A.,M.B.A.S.,etc. While at college he acquired an extensive acquaintance with the English Literature and English and also History . Perhaps Kushal pal Singh was First man in Whole Rajput Community of United Provinces of Agra &Qudh who obtained M A ,L L B Degree from Allahabad and Calcutta Univ in 1893 and 1897.He did not seriouslytake to the profession of Law for which he had qualified himself but belonging to the Leisured classes ,as he did ,he thought it more becoming to devote his energies to public duties .He was married with Gopal Kumari of Pahargarh Sikarwar Rajput estate  in Murena ,M P in 19 Feb 1893.He has a son Rajkumar Gajendra Pal Singh ,born 1909 married with maharaj Kumari Srila Basant Prabha Devi sister of Maharaja Manikya De Berman of Tripura State at Agartala on 25th Nov 1925.She died at the Davos Switzerland on 26 June 1926.Second marrige of Raj.Gajendra pal Singh with Baisa Chain Kunwar in 1936 daughter of Thakur Nahar Singh of Kuchaman Thikana (Jodhpur ).Raja Bahadur Kushal pal Singh of Kotla was a member of the United Provinces Legislative Council since 1909.He

attended the Coronation Durbar at Delhi as a Member of the Provincial Legislative Council and was awarded the title of Raja on the occasion of the celebration

of- the birth-day of the King-Emperor in 19 12.  The inception of Banaras Hindu Univ foundation Rs 15000 /had been donated by Honrable Raja Kushal Pal Singh of Kotla . He was a member of the Imperial Legislative Council as representative of the landed aristocracy of the Province of Agra ,1918 . He was a member of court of Delhi Univ three years and member of Senate Agra Univ since 1927 ,elected member of U P Lagistrative Council 1910 -1920 .M l C Minister of Education &Endustrial in the Govt of Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant of Provincial Govt in United Province .Earlier in 1920 he had been elected to the Lagislative Assembly of India and later in 1937 also he became its member .He was a trustee and member of. the Managing Committee of the Agra College which has now been long under non- official management with excellent results. He was Chairman of Firozabad Municipality and  the Vice-Chairman of the Agra District Board and as his numerous questions and speeches in the Council show, he has thoroughly mastered the details of the work entrusted to the District Board in the province of Agra and

the financial and other questions connected therewith. As an

Honorary Magistrate, he has taken an active share in the

administration of the Criminal law in the district where he lives. But his chief activities lie in the improvement of agriculture and the condition of those engaged in it. He has established two village banks, several model farms and is

the Honorary Secretary of the Agricultural Associations of

the Mainpuriand the Agra Districts. Two of the farms which

he has established are devoted, mainly, to the production of

wheat and cotton, a third is intended chiefly to show commercial results, a fourth for the trial of new crops and a fifth in the Agra District for experimental purposes. The Raja has some excellent ideas on the subject of giving an agricultural education to

village boys which he has given expression to in the speeches

that he made in the Council from time to time. He thinks, and rightly too, that a purely literary education is lost on boys who, in their maturer years, would be engaged in

agricultural pursuits and he thinks that nature study and

the intelligent appreciation of village surroundings and know-

ledge of everything about them were a much better education

for these boys than that which is noVv actually imparted in the

village schools. The Raja has recently started an Agricultu-

ral School on these lines and the head of the Agricultural

Department in the United Provinces rightly remarks that his department is keenly interested in the venture.

I feel much proud to write the history of such great man of our socity .Jai Hind.Jai Rajputana .



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  Author -Dr.Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village- Larhota , Near Sasni
District -Hatharas .U P.
Associate Agric Faculty
S .C.R.S.Govt.College , Sawai madhopur ,pinco322001,Raj.
National Media Prabhari

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