The Jadus ,Jaduvansis ,Jadons (Pauranic Yadavas /Yaduvansis ) Lunar Race Kshatriya’s Sub -Divisions (Sub-Clans ) in different parts of Uttar Pradesh —

Jadus ,Jadons ,Jaduvansis Lunar race  Kshatriya’s (Pauranic Yadavas /Yaduvansis ) Suv-Divisions( Sub-Clans) in Uttar Pradesh—-

A famous clan to the Lunar race .They are descent from Yadu , son of maharaja Yayati , fifth in descent .Lord Shri Krishna was the tribal hero.
From the legends of the clan it would appear that the first of Jadon settlement was Mathura at the time of raja Ugrasen and Vasudeva also.At the time of Krishna , the clan was migrated from Mathura to Dwaraka and settled there.After the death of Shri Krishna ,the some branches of Jaduvansis were driven out of India ,founded Ghazni in Afaganistan , and ruled over the whole of that country and portion of Central Asia , as far north as Samarkand .The pressure of Graeco Bactrian and Muhammadans invasion forced them back into Punjab , and at a later period they were across the Satlej into Bikaner desert , where they established themselves at Jaisalmer.They are called Bhatti also found in Punjab.
Another branch of Jadus settled first in Indraprasth by Arjuna from Dwaraka and again re-settled in Mathura in the leadership of Vajranabha  great grandson of Lord Shri Krishna .Laterally this branch is called the Jadavas ,Jadons in which Karauli family is presently main.
A large number of the Musalmans of eastern Rajputana are of Jadons descent , and are known locally as Khanzadas or Meos .
In Uttar Pradesh where the Jadons have numerous settlements , the clan is divided.

1-The Jadons ( Sanskrit Yadava) —

A Sept of Kshatriya’s who claim their descent and name from Yadu , son of Yayati , the fifth monarch of the Lunar race.The only Hindu descendants of the Yaduvansi at the present day are the Jadons of the small state Karauli to the west of the Chambal and at Sabalgarh or Jadonvati in the Gwalior territory east of that river , but the Musalmans of acknowledged Jadon descent from a very large portion of the population of Eastern Rajasthan , from Sohna and Alwar on the west to the Chambal on the south.These Jadon Musalmans are known as Khanzada and Meos.
The Yaduvansi kshatriyas as claiming to be the direct descendants of Lord Shri Krishna , the god and hero of Braj or Mathura .The first historical name is Dharma Pala 77th in descent from Krishna and 74th from Vajranabha great grand son of Lord Krishna ,who was the ancestor of Karauli jadon family.Dharma Paula’s title “Pala”has come down to the present Karauli rajas.His date is about 800 A.D.His capital was Bayana .After 11 generation later from Dharma Pala ,Maharaja Bijaipala ,who appears to be the first of the line likely to prove an historical  character .He came from Mathura to the hill Mani ,where in Sambat 1052 (A.D.995 ) he settled in Bayana and built a fort ,under the protecting shadow of which the well -known town of Bayana , now in Bharatpur district.His descendants were driven out by Muhammad Ghori , and Kutb-ud-din Aibak who took first Bayana andnthen  Tahangarh in 1196 A.D ., whereupon Kunwarpala , the chief of Bayana ,evacuated his capital and entrenched himself in the fort of Tahangarh (Thangarh or Tribhuvanagiri ) which he surrender after a short siege .Both the forts of Vijayamandirgarh and Tahangarh were then occupied by the invaders .”The several strongholds and strategic outposts of the locality were then occupied and garrisoned , and the command of this frontier between Rajputana and Doab was entrusted to Bahauddin Tughril .The latter founded another military station , which he named Sultankot , to serve as a base of operation both in the east ant the west .After this the Ghuri chief laid siege to the mightly fortress of Gwalior .This fort was also subdued and annexed to the Delhi Sultanate.
In this period the Yaduvanshi (Jadons ) Rajputs of Bayana and Tahangarh having been deprived of their strongholds and territories , had migrated to the region of Mewat and other parts around Brajamndal.Some Jadons had established themselves at Kaman , Tijara and Sarhatta (northern Alwar ) .Later on they becomes muslim accept Islam and known as Khanzadas and Meos. Most Jadons in all districts probably descendants of Raja Bijaypal ‘s son Raja Sonpala of Bayana and his brothers first settled in Jalesar region.Their original settlement in this region seems to have been on the Chirar mound (Khera ) of Sona ,about 4 miles south of Jalesar town , on a bluff overhanging the valley of the Isan river.Their descendants were the founders of  Ramgarh /Umargarh near Sona /Suna , Okhara ,Narkhi , Jaundhari and Kheda Neem/Mudasama ,Kotla  .Some are descendants of Vinaypala (Banda ,Hamirpur ,Mahoba ) and Mahipal raja of Mahavan( Somana ,Birpura ,Gabhana ,Tochhigarh ) .Some are descendants of raja Kunwar Pala’s son Anandpal ( Mathura region ,Awa family ). The Jadons are found in Mathura ,Agra ,Aligarh ,Etah , Bulandshahr ,Hathras ,Firozabad ,Etawa ,Jalaun ,Kanpur ,Banda ,Hamirpur ,Mahoba ,Kaushambi and some other districts in small numbers.

2-The Chhokar Jadon—

The Chhonkar Jadons are descent from the Karauli Jadons .In Jewar in Bulandshahr which was first spot they occupied on their emigration to the Doab .The jadons of Jewar are distinguished by the title of Chhoukarzada .Chhonkars are descendants of Rao Udaypala son of Raja Tahanpala (Timanpala ) of Timangarh (Tribhuvangiri ) near present Karauli .Rao Uday pala first settled in Badi Udai village near Gangapur city in Sawai madhopur district presently .This village Badi Udaiis is  40 KM away  from Karauli city .Now population of this village is mostly Muslims.This village is original place of descendants of Rao Udaypala called Chhonkra Jadon according to Pothi of Karauli Jagaa.They are migrated from this village to other places.  They took possession of Jewar under their leader Ahardeo or Deopala and expelled the Mewatis of the Jewar.They have shares in 30 villages , chiefly in Jewar that time . Some historians say that the Meos held this pargana Jewar also and were expelled thence by a band of Chhokar Jadons from Tainagar , in Bharatpur , invited here by the Brahmans of Jewar in 11th century.At the time of Akabar this paragana attached to dastur Baran in Sirkar and Subhah Delhi.It consistef 95 villages , Chhokar Jadons holds 27 villages ,Jaiswar 16 , and Panwar 2 villages Jats 16 and Tagas 5 villages.Chhokar Jadons  are found mainly in Jewar tahsil of Bulandshahr and some are found in Palwal and Mewat districts of Haryana.Some families are also found near Goverdhan in Mathura and in Atrauli tahsil of Aligarh districts .

The Jaiswar —

The Jaiswar is a branch of Jadon  stock.They came from Jaisalmer  .It is sub -branch( sub-clan) of  Bhatti Rajput.They are descents of Maharawal.Lakhansen’s son Mahadpal ,who came from Jaisalmer and settled in Bulandshahr .Many of his descendants have become Musalmans in this and the neighbouringh districts .They say , as usual that they came here in the time of Prithviraj Chauhan . They hold in 104 villages in Bulandshahr and Gunganv .In Jewar and Dankaur region they hold 52 villages and 52 villages in Ballabgarh tahsil of Faridabad district of Haryana.They hold about 25 villages  in Jewar  tahsil in Bulandshahr district.
The Kasna town was said to have been founded by one Raja Kansal or Kansil , a Bhatti Rajput ,who led here a large colony of immigrants from Jaisalamer in the time of Prithviraj Chauhan , of Delhi .The Rajput descendants of the founder held of Zamindari of the family of Shaikhas who recovered Kasna about time of Timur’s invarsion , descendants of Raja Raghunath Das , who was favoured , are part of proprietors of the village .The old Rajputs in village of Ghori near Dadri , where their descendants are still to be found . The Mewatis of Rabupura village were ousted by the Jaiswar Rajputs in the days of Prithviraj in the 12th century .The Jaiswars are found in Mathura , Meerut  ,Aligarh , Jhansi , Gaziyabad ,Etah ,Mainpuri ,Etawa ,Badaun ,Hamirpur ,Barabanki , Bulandshahr and Agra .
In Mathura , they say that their ancestor was Jasram , who first settled at Bhadanwara after dispossesing the Kalars settled in Braj.Bhadanwara is in Maat tehsil of Mathura district.

3-The Baresiri Jadon—

A jadon sub-division(Sept ) found in the Agra district .The Baresari of Agra are said to have been given this  title , which corresponds to Bahadur , by the Emperor Akbar , for their good services at Seige of Chittod. The term Baresir appears to be equivalent to Bahadur.They claim descent from Raja Tindpal of Bayana .The thakur of Dhimsari is the head of the tribe .During the Mutiny the Baresaris greatly distinguished themselves by their efforts to protect life and property and maintained order.They are principally resident in the Fatehabad and Pharrah region in Agra and Mathura districts and appear to have come across from Bharatpur some 400 years ago.

4-The Jasawats—

Jasawat are said to be Another sub-division (branch ) of the immigrants to Agra and Mathura districts  from Jaisalmer and Jaipur .There appears to be no trace in these districts of the regular houses of Karauli.They are found in the area near Goverdhan in Mathura and in Khandauli region of Agra district .

5-The Bargalas —

This clan is a Sept of the Yaduvansi lunar race kshatriya.The Bargala Rajput claim to be belong Bhatti rajputs .They are descent from two brothers named Drigpal and Bhatipal , who are said to have emigrant from Ujjain or Indore in Malva and settled in Doab  and to have held important commands in the royal forces at Delhi in the attack on Prithviraj .They  lost most of their villages for rebellion in 1857.They are found chiefly in the Gurgaon and Bulandshahr districts .

The Tanks Jadon–

They are Jaduvansis and descents of Mathura Jadon in the same lines as like Banafars of Mahoba and Jadons of Bayana /Karauli.
The Tank Thakur hold eight villages in the Mainpuri Tehsil.They claim to be Jaduvanshi , and say that they came from Karauli and Tank , and settled in the village of Kosma ,dispossessing the former occupants ,who were Brahman.
They originally settled in a cluster of 12and half villages , called the “Sarhebarah gaon ,”around Kosma , in the Ghiror region , which up to the present day remains the chief seat of the clan .They possess 16 and half villages grouped round Kosma ,most of them forming part their original settlement .
In former times they were noted for their predatory habits , and even now the character of the heads of the clan is not above suspicion.
During the reign of Akbar , the Kosna men , headed by the two sons of their late chief , attacked and plundered some imperial stores passing through the district , and as a punishment for this daring robbery , one of the brother was carried off to the capital and there compelled to embrace the Muhammadan faith .This accounts for the singular division even now existing of the Kosma family and property into two sections , “Kosama Musalim and Kosama Hindu .”
It is a curious fact that Jafar Khan , the head of the Muhammdan section , is equally with Gulab Singh , the head of the Hindu branch , looked up to by the whole Tank community , and his joint headship is fully recognized by every member in all matters affecting the internal economy of the clan .The customs of the Muhammadan brotherhood still partake greatly of a Hindu character .At the ceremonies attendant on births , marriages , deaths and at Panchayat amongst the Hindu brotherhood , Jafar Khan is always summoned and take a prominent part .”

The Banaphar Jadon–

A famous Sept of Jadon Rajputs confined almost entirely to the Bundelkhand country now included in the Allahabad and Benares Divisions.According to their own account their ancestor was Raja Vinayak Pala son of Raja Ichchha Pala of Mathura .His elder son Brahma Pala was become throne of Mathura and younger son Vinay pala settled in Mahoba in Bundelkhand.His descents are called Banafar .They were either vassals or allies of the Chandels , and fought for them against the Chauhans , in the Chauhan-Chandel War .In the final battle , the Banaphar heroes Alhal and Udal covered themselves with the glory , but failed to save their allies from destruction .After this catastrophe the clan dispersed , and is very much scattered and reduced in circumstances.They are chiefly  found in Jalaun (Orai and Chausa ) ,Hamirpur, Banda , Benaras and Ghazipur districts .

The Bagri Jadon–

The Bagari is a sub-clan of Jadon rajput.They are the descendants of Bayana Raja Vijaypala’s son Vinaypala (Bagpala ) .Some Jadon’s Jagaas say that Vinaypal  settled in Bagar  region in Braj .Some say that he was settled in Bagaur area in Sabalgarh in Muraina district of Madhya Pradesh.The descendants of Vinaypala are called as Bagari Jadon .They are found in Banda ,Hamirpur and Mahoba districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The Porach & Bangar Jadon–

They are jadon kshatriyas ,migrated from Bayana / Timangarh in 1196 A.D.They are descendants of raja Prathvi Pal son of Raja Timanpala of Timangarh presently in Karauli region. Prathvi Pala’s two sons Kesho pal and Bhane Pal left the Battle which has been  fought  in between Raja Kunwar Pal of Bayana /Timangarh  and Mahmud Ghori and his commander Qutub-ud-din Aibak in 1196A.D at Timangarh 15 Miles away from Bayana  . Due to this reason ( To left the  battle ) their descendants were called Porach and Bangar . Descents of Kesho Pal were called porach and Bhane Pal ‘s descents were called Bangar .They were found presently  in Hussain , Daryapur ,Mendu ,and Gadora Villages of Hathras district.
The Bangars are said to be really Jadons , descended from a certain Rupdas , one of whose sons in some unexplained way became a Bangar and the other a Porach .The Maksudpur Bangars , who were leading members of the tribe , have been converted to Islam.
They are mostly  found in Aligarh and Hathras district .They hold about 40 villages in both the districts probably.


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Author -Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village -Larhota near Sasni
District -Hatharas ,UP.
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur , Rajasthan ,322001.

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