The meaning of Rajput community word Jadon Tribe (जादों)—-

Meaning of the Rajput community word Jádon Tribe (जादों )—–

Classically, Yadu, or Yádava, a tribe of Rajputs of the Chandarbans division, who profess to trace their origin in a direct line from Krishna of Vrishni branch of Yadavas.

Yadu is the patronymic of all the descendants of Buddha, the ancestor of the Lunar race, of which the most conspicuous are now the Bhattí and the Jareja; but the title of Jádon is now exclusively applied to the tribe which appears never to have strayed far from the limits of the ancient Suraseni, and we consequently find them still in considerable numbers in that neighbourhood.

The large tract south of the Chambal, called
after them Yaduvati, is in the possession of the Gwalior Mah rattas, and the state of Kiraulí on the Chambal is now their chief independent possession.Large number of Jason’s thikanas are found in Karauli ,Bharatpur and Dholpur districts of Rajasthan.Small numbers of jadon villages are also found in Bhilwara, Udaipur , Rajsamand , Kota ,Baran and Chittorgarh districts .

Some of the Jadon tribe, or at least professedly of the tribe, are Zamíndárs in United provinces ( Present Uttar Pradesh)—-as the proprietors of the Talukas of Awa Mísa in Mathura former time but now in Etah district. Taluka Somna (Including present Somana ,Birpura and Gabhana) in Aligarh, and Kotala , Narkhi , Okhara , Jaundhari were old thikanas formerly in Agra district but in presently these are in Firozabad district. Umargarh and Nimkhera are old thikanas of Jadons in Jalesar pargana of Etah district. There are many of them also in Fattihabad and Shamsabad of Agra; Mustafabad and Gihror in Mainpúrí; Chhata, Kosi , Barsana , Sahar and Aríng in Mathura; Sohnah in Gúrgaon; and in Koel, Hasangarh, Goreyi, Marehra,Hasayan , Jalálí, Akbarabad, Sekandra Rao, and Khair in Aligarh.
In Jewar of Bulandshahr, which was the first spot jadons occupied on their emigration to the Doáb. The Jádons of Jewar are distinguished by the title of Chaukarzáda . The Talukdár of Awagarh lays claim to a direct descent from Anand Pál, the son of the Bayana / Tahangarh Raja ( Karaulí ) Kumár Pál in 1196 A.D. , and asserts that the Baresirí, Jaiswar, and other self-styled Jádons are found in some areas of Mathura (Goverdhan ) , Agra (Samshavad ,Fatehabad and Kirawali and Achhnera area ) and Bulandshahr (Jewar ) .Porach and Bangar clan of Jadon’s are found presently Hasayan , Dariyapur and Mendu area in Hathras district.Thery are migrated from Tahangarh area of present Karauli State.

Tank Jadon are found in Mainpuri district.Some clans of jadon’s are found in Banda ,Mahoba, Jalaun and Hamirpur districts of Bundelkhand area and Kanpur ,Etawa, Auraiya , Kaushambi eastern districts of Uttarpradesh.
In Madhyapradesh Jadons are found in Murena (Sabalgarh and Sumawali area ), Bhind , Dewas , Malwa ,Ujjen , Vidisha ,Ashok nagar , Guna , Raisen and Indor districts.
Jádons are also found in Hoshangabad (Shivani-malwa ) whither they emigrated after Akbar’s conquests on the Narbadda.
Banafar rajput is a sub-clan of Jadon found in Bundelkhand area.They are dominantly found in Banaras , Mahoba and Mirjapur districts of Uttarpradesh and in some areas of Madhyapradesh.

Jadon Rajputs in some districts of Bihar(Munger ,Banka ,Bhagalpur , Sultanagnj , Jamui ,and Purniya) are migrated from Raja ki Taur ,Balaki Taur and other villages of Sabalgarh area of Murena district of M.P.

Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasani
District-Hathras ,U.P.
Associate Professor in Agric.Sci.
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt .College , Sawai madhopur, Raj.322001

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