The Tribe Jadons ,Jadus ,Jadhavas (Purani Yadavas ,Yaduvansis ,Jaduvansis ) Lunar Race Kshatriya’s History —

The Tribe Jadons , Jadus , Jadhavas  (Hindi )   ( the Puranic Yadavas Sanskrit ) lunar race kshatriya’s History  —–

A Tribe of lunar race rajputs and  descendants of Yadu  , the eldest son of Yayati and Devayani , a pastoral race of ancient India .The date of their arrival in India ia unknown .The Yadavas were the celebrated race in which Lord Krishna was borned .At the time of his birth they led a pastoral life and they were in the neighbourhood of Mathura , formerly called Muttra ,a town on the bank of the river Jumna and about 120 miles south of thein the village of Vrindavana , and in the Gokula country on the opposite shore . They afterward migrated to Dwaraka , on the western coast of the peninsula of Gujrat and  they established a kingdom at Dwaraka under the supervision of Krishna .

    Krishna belonged to this tribe also , and he included them to abandon the worship of Indra , and substitute the mountain Govardhana . Violence and disorder prevailed wherever the Yadavas (Jadus ) settled . Nearly all the tribe was destroyed at Prabhass during the drunken affray , and others perished in Dwaraka when it was overwhelmed by a tidal wave .All the Yadavas who were present in the city after the death of  Krishna perished in it wgen it was submerged by the occan .Some of few were absent ,and  perpetuated the race , from which many princes and chiefs still claim their descent .The great Raja of Vijaya-Nagara asserted themselves as its representatives .The Vishnu Purana says of this race , ‘’who shall enumerate the whole of the mighty men of the Yadava race  , who were tens of ten thousands and hundreds of hundred thousands in number .’’

    Some of their branches have taken a prominent role in the of Central Asia , in the valley of the Indus  ,in the countries  formerly styled the Punjab ,Rajputana , and Sindh , known in Ancient time of the Gete the Yuti and now represented by the Yadu or Jadu Bhatti of Jaisalmer  ,all dwelling along the valley of the Indus and to the east in Rajputana .A multiplicity of scattered facts and geographical distinctions warrant the belief that the Yadavas race had dominion in Central Asia , and were again , as other races advanced , repelled upon India .Budh was an ancestor of a branch of the great Hindu people of a time prior to authentic history .He trace up to Brahma , from whom he descends through Atri  ,Chandra or Soma  and Tara wife of Vrihaspti .Buddha is said to have married Illa or Ella ,the daughter of Ikshwaku , with whom , therefore , he was a contemporary , and descendants of the union were , in succession , Puroorva , Ayu ,Nahusha ,and Yayati . Ayu is claimed by the Tartar genealogists as their great progenitor ; from Yayati sprang three great lines , the Yadu ,Puru , and Ura or Urvass , from each of whom came many dynasties ruling on the Indus .The great Haihaya was a branch of Yadu ; and five members of it formed Panchalika or Panchaldesa , and the seed of Bajaswa at one time occupied all the countries of the Indus .

      Of the three lines ,the Yadu , Puru  and Ura  , the Yadu became the most illustrious . The descendants of Buddha and Ella were known as the Chandravansi  ,Somavansi or Induvansi , all  of these terms meaning the Lunar Race ; but the fame of the Yadu eclipsed the prior designations  , and throughout India the Lunar Race came to be styled Yaduvansi .The Yadu held territories in Hindustan about Allahabad  , but seemingly in small republican states  ,some of which were staked and lost at play .The relatives then fought for dominion , for 18 days , on the field of Kurukshetra  in Mahabharat war. There was no battle of armies , but a series of single combats , with treacherous cruel surprises  , during which nearly all of Yadu fell , and at close . of those remaining several , amongst whpm Krishna was one , emigrated . The story is told in the Mahabharta .After combats , the Yadu seem to have left the Ganges  , to have been expelled from Dwaraka  ,to have crossed the Indus , passed Zabulisthan , and founded Ghazni and Samarcand  , but to have swept back on the Indus into Gujarat and the Indian desert , from which they expelled the Langahas ,the Johyas , Mohilas , etc and founded successively Tannote , Derrawal , and Jaisalmer in S.1212 , the present capital of the Bhattis  ,the lineal succession of Krishna .They are now known  as Bhatti of Jaisalmer , the Jadeja and Chudasamas og Kutch ,Bhuj and Junagarh .The tribe occupying Karauli and Sabalgarh on the Chambal .
The Yadu are scattered over Northern India ;many chiefs of consequence amongst the Mahrattas Yaduvanshi / Jadhavas  of  Devagiri in Maharashtra  are of this tribe , and there are eight branches of the race , four of whom are  ,–the Yadu( Jadon )  chief of Karauli ;  Bhatti chief of Jaisalmer ; the Jadeja chief Cutch and Bhooj ; and the Sumaitcha Musalmans in Sind.One branch of Jadus ( Vrashnis )  has been migrated  directly from Dwaraka  in the leadership of Vajranabha with Arjuna and first settled in Indraprashtha and later on in Mathura also , whose descendants are the present Jadons of Karauli State .The raja of Devagiri and Vijayanagar claimed to be of the Yadu or Jadu tribe .

This tribe of Yaduvanshi kshatriya landlords and cultivators dwelling in considerable numbers about Agra ,Aligarh ,Mathura ,Etah ,Firozabad ,Hathras ,Bulhandshahr  ,Kanpur ,Auraiya ,Jalaun ,Banda ,Hamirpur ,Mahoba and Kaushambi districts of Uttar Pradesh  , in the Central Doab , and in Eastern Malva . The raja of Karauli is of this tribe .They profess to as descendants of Krishna .
The question may here be asked  why the Yadu-vamsa has been separately counted when it comes under the Chandravamsa . But it seems that the Jadhavas ( puranic Yadavas )  were always separetly counted from the other Chandravansis .Even in the Rigveda , the Yadu –Turvasas are separately mentioned  , the Turvasas eventually disappearing .The Yadavas are again separately treated in Puranas they having no right to br kings owing to the alleged curse of  Yayati .They were probably still pastoral in habits and hence their separate mention. It is therefore , not strange that the Yaduvansis are separately mentioned from the Chandravansis .

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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hathras ,Uttar Pradesh ,204216.
Associate Prof in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudaman Singh Govt.College ,Sawai madhopur ‘Rajasthan ,322001.

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